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Vail MountainVail Snow Reports: Fact or Fiction?

We here at the Winter Park Lodging Company blog usually try to write about happenings up here in Winter Park that have to do with Winter Park Resort skiing and Grand County activities.  But every once in a while we see something that is a little out of our realm but needs to be commented on.  It is especially interesting if it has to do with our Goliath ski neighbor Vail.  And even more interesting if there is some controversy involved.

I read a column in The Denver Post about Summit Daily News firing a reporter for taking Vail to task about Vail’s snow reports.  Read the linked column as it is pretty juicy.  The best part is Vail saying they are closing their offices because of to much snow and not mentioning that their offices are in Broomfield, Colorado over 100 miles away from any of their resorts.  Classic Vail shenanigans.  Then there is the part of them throwing their weight around to get the reporter fired.  Really nothing new here just classic big ski resort behavior.

To give Summit Daily News a fair shake they have issued a response to the reporters firing.  Not sure I believe it as they did have an editor look at the story before it was ran but it is now a he said she said story.  How we have seen Vail tend to act though I would probably side with the reporters side of the story here.

This makes me think of Vail’s attempt to now offer Vail ski guests a better quality hamburger at the same price because the economy has gone into the dumpster.  Blah blah blah.  Would have been nice to get that hamburger when the economy wasn’t on the skids huh?

Anywho, all this brings me to is, are Vail’s snow reports to be believed?  Hmmmm, I say no.  So come up to Winter Park Resort, the David in this David and Goliath relationship, and know the snow that is reported is the snow you will find on the hills.

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