Winter Park Grocery Deliveries

The Grocery Guys

Grocery Guys LogoThe Grocery Guys aim to take the stress out of your vacation, by shopping for, and delivering your personalized shopping list of groceries direct to your vacation rental or second home.

To place an order, interested parties simply visit The Grocery Guys Website, and complete a quick and easy delivery form with your personalized grocery list.

How much does it cost?

Grocery Delivery service at winter parkA $40 delivery charge is applied to every order at the time of booking.   Then the cost of your grocery items + a 20% shopping fee of your total grocery cost is applied to your credit card on the day of delivery.

For those that don’t want to think about a long list of items, there are also two starter packages available:

$40 Slope Snack Pack
Contains 50 popular pocket sized snacks, such as granola bars, peanuts and rice crispy treats.

$35 Breakfast Snack Pack
Contains 25 individually wrapped breakfast snacks, such as cinnamon rolls, pop tarts & muffins.

* Snack Pack bundles are charged at a flat rate + $40 delivery fee (no additional shopping fee is applied).

Do they deliver alcohol too?

State regulations are preventing Grocery Guys from delivering alcoholic beverages at this time.   Liquor stores can be found at convenient locations in Fraser, Downtown Winter Park and Winter Park Resort.

How do I place an order?

All orders should be placed online at least 48 hours before your preferred delivery date.   To do this, you visit and complete an order form with the delivery address for your order, your credit card information, and enter your grocery list of items (there’s an option to upload a file, or simply type in your list).

If there are items on your list that are unavailable in the the local area, a Grocery-Guys representative will do their best to find an appropriate substitute.

For further information on placing orders and cancelling orders please visit the Grocery-Guys website.