Directions to Winter Park from the Airport

Starting out from Denver International Airport, follow signs to exit the airport. Merge onto Interstate 70 West and stay on this for about 50 miles. Take the exit #232 for US Hwy 40/Granby and stay right, going toward the town of Empire. Be careful to follow the posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour in Empire, the police are strict!

Continue on Hwy 40 through the town of Empire. Approximately ten miles after you pass Empire, you will reach the start of Berthoud Pass. Drive carefully over Berthoud Pass, especially at night and during winter storm conditions, as there are about ten hairpin turns. Total mileage from start of Hwy 40 until you reach Winter Park is about 30 miles.

Once you reach the bottom of Berthoud Pass, continue for another five miles to reach the Winter Park Resort ski area. Turn left at the first stoplight to go directly to the ski area. To reach downtown Winter Park, continue past the first two stoplights for another 3 miles. The town of Winter Park begins at the third stoplight after you reach the bottom of Berthoud Pass. To reach Fraser, continue past the downtown part of Winter Park for another two miles.

To Find the Winter Park Lodging Company Office:

The Winter Park Lodging Company office is located in downtown Winter Park at 21 Kings Crossing #103. When coming from I-70 and the Winter Park Resort ski area, you’ll go through all four stoplights in Winter Park; there are two at the ski area and two more in downtown Winter Park.  The fourth light is the intersection with McDonald’s on the left and the Visitor Center and Hideaway Park on the right.

Continue for about three more blocks past McDonald’s and the park to King’s Crossing Road.  You’ll pass the Conoco gas station on the right and the King’s Crossing Plaza on the left before you reach King’s Crossing Road. Look for the Winter Park Pub and the sign on the left for Pine Tree Plaza.   Turn left directly after Winter Park Pub on Kings Crossing and take immediate right into Pine Tree Plaza. Our office is on the ground floor occupying units #103, #104 and #203 . Call 970-722-0707 if you need help finding us.

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