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Trestle Bike Park 101Winter Park Resort Bike lessons

Team Winter Park Lodging Company had a chance to visit Trestle Bike Park this summer 2011 and we were able to take a downhill biking 101 class.  What a treat to have  personal teacher to teach us the ins and outs of the downhill sport.

Winter Park Resort was nice enough to set us up with the 101 lesson and  bike rentals for the day.  Our instructor David Deveny was great! Kowledgeable, fun and talented; David knows Trestle Bike Park and downhill biking very well.  He was safe, enlightening and a lot of fun.

The day started out as the Trestle Bike shop was opening its doors at 9am.  We were quickly helped in line after filling our info out ob the resort computer kiosks.  We were then sent over to the equipment fitting station and were on our way with gear in 10 min.  Over to the bike area we went and we were fitted with some sweet Kona Stinky Bikes that would be our vehicle of fun for the day.

After  little talk from David we were on our way up the Zephyr lift.  Right outside Sunspot David gave all the instruction that we would use on this day in about half an hour (see David above instructing new WPLCo employee Bill).  From there Sunspot we were onto the green run Greenworld.  We then hit Long Trail (lue Run) and parts of Rainmaker (black run).

They day ended at around Noon and that was enough riding and instruction for the day.  What a blast of a day and I can not stress how useful a Trestle 101 class is to learn the downhill sport safely.

Trestle Bike Park is open daily through September 25th, 2011.  Get youy biking in while the weather is here.

Trestle 101 class:

This 2 1/2 hour lesson is one heck of a good deal, offering instruction on how to ride a downhill bike, a lift pass, a downhill bike rental and protective gear. Discount price is only $63.20 plus tax for Winter Park Lodging Company guests (regularly $79).

We also have discounts for downhill bike rentals through the Trest Bike Store.

Downhill Mountain Bike Rentals 2011:
Select Trestle Bike Park Shop on the booking page to rent downhill bikes. Below are just a few package possibilities, click the online booking link to see all packages. The packages listed below include a full day lift pass, a full face helmet and protective body gear.

  • World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike
    Full day rental: $143.99 weekdays / $159.99 weekends (normally $179/$199)
    Half day rental:$111.99 weekdays/ $119.99 weekends (normally $139/$149)
  • Demo Downhill Mountain Bike
    Full day rental: $111.99 weekdays / $119.99 weekends (normally $139/$149)
    Half day rental: $79.99 weekdays / $87.99 weekends (normally $99/$109)
  • Standard Downhill Mountain Bike
    Full day rental: $95.99 weekdays / $103.99 weekends (normally $119/$129)
    Half day rental: $63.99 weekdays / $71.99 weekends (normally $79/$89)
  • JR Downhill Mountain Bike
    Full day rental: $79.99 weekdays / $95.99 (normally $99/$119)
    Half day rental: $55.99 weekdays / $63.99 (normally $69/$79)
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