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Whenever I go on vacation, I buy vacation insurance just in case. Working with a lodging company, I’m surprised at how many people don’t and end up losing their money because they can’t make it on their long-awaited vacation. There are other reasons besides cancellation why I buy travel insurance, like the medical coverage, emergency transportation and lost baggage coverage to name just a few.

So, I was pleased to hear that Travel Guard, the company that provides vacation investment protection for our guests, has now improved their cancellation policy due to job loss. With more and more people getting laid off, the cancellation rate has gone up a bit this season. Fortunately, now our Travel Guard Vacation Protection Plan covers involuntary job loss as a reason for cancellation as long as you’ve been employed by that employer for just one year. It used to be that you’d have to have been employed for five years by the same employer to get coverage for trip cancellation due to job loss, so this is a huge improvement.  

Just like with your health or your home, it’s good to know you’re protected, just in case.  A vacation is something you invest a lot of energy and money to make happen, and it can’t happen just anytime you want it to, which is why I think it’s great to have vacation protection. Travel Guard does a great job, in case you find yourself without one.

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