2. Helmet – protection not only from trees, but  from of out of control skiers and boarders.

3. Wicking base layer – there’s no better way to stay warm then to stay dry.

4. Water – staying hydrated will save you a headache later.

5. Goggles – fog-resistant make a huge difference.

6. Mittens – instead of gloves, will keep your hands much warmer. Down is best!

7. Neck gator – will keep your neck and face warm on windy days.

8. Sun Screen – at 10,000 feet, the sun can be lethal.

9.  Condition-specific tune and skis – fatter skis for powder, skinnier for snow-pack and the right tune for the specific snow conditions will improve your performance.

10. Hot chocolate and a warm cookie – a great treat to warm you up.

February 7th, 2009

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