Shanna Lalley of Real Estate of Winter Park

Shanna Lalley, Real Estate of Winter Park

We’ve gotten to know the realtors around town and wanted to share those that we feel do the best job for their clients.  They know the area well, are connected to reputable firms, and are nice folks!

1. Shanna Lalley (photo to left),  Real Estate of Winter Park, 303.210.5241,, Website:, Shanna’s a good friend of mine and a great realtor. She loves Winter Park and knows the area well.

2. Gary Glenn, Prudential Winter Park, 970.726.3500,, Website: , I’ve only talked to Gary on the phone but he seems very interested in the well being of his current and past clients helping them get the maximum value for their properties.

3. Kristen and Nick Meyer, 970.531.2335,, Website:

Kristen Meyer, C21 Realtor

Kristen Meyer, C21 Realtor, Kristen and Nick have worked hard on the Base Camp on Jane Creek development and done very well selling those units as well as helping several of our other owners purchase and resell their properties. Great peeps!

 4. Cliff Anderson, Real Estate of Winter Park, 970.726.2602, Website:

5.  Lisa Waldorf, Real Estate of Winter Park, 970-726-2609 , Website:, Her son was born the same day as our twins so I feel a baby connection with her! She’s also a fabulous realtor.  Turns out she helped another friend of ours buy a great condo up here and we just made that realization a few weeks ago. They loved her too.

6. Christian Infantolino, Century 21, 970.531.0408,  Christian also runs an excellent cleaning company on the side. Buy real estate from him and then contract with him to do your cleanings – what a good pair!  We love this guy – nice and hard working.

Christian Infantolino of Century 21

Christian Infantolino of Century 21

7.  Katie Reimerscmidt, Real Estate of Winter Park, 970-726-2605,, website:, I first saw Katie on the Winter Park TV channel – she was all over it and I thought man, this lady must sell every piece of real estate in Grand County. Then I finally met her (works with Shanna) and she’s as nice as she seems on TV. 

8. Victoria Baker, King’s Foot,, 970.531.2003,, Victoria helped us buy our first condo in Winter Park in 2003.  Now she’s having twins so I’m giving her lots of advice. She started King’s Foot and has been very successful.  They are located next to Safeway in Fraser.

9.  Playground Destination Properites – they are all nice and you can go in and see models of the future development in their office/display center right in front of Zephyr. (866) 722-5560,

10.  Jeff Martin, King’s Foot,, 970.531.1460, Website: (plus, he owns and runs the Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park! see previous blog for details)

Know of other great realtors in the Winter park area? Comment here!

February 22nd, 2009

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