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One of the most exhilarating ways to explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains is to go on a snowmobile tour with Grand Adventures of Winter Park.  

Grand Adventures is the largest snowmobile operation in Colorado, with more than 350 miles of groomed trails to explore, and a fleet of more than 200 top of the line snowmobiles.   They offer both guided & unguided tours in Winter Park’s extensive National Forest.

There are lots of different tours to pick from, including the popular 2 hour Continental Divide guided tour, which is a perfect introduction to snowmobiling for all levels of rider, including first time drivers.  There are also shorter, family specific tours than can accommodate younger children riding with an adult.  

Grand Adventures is located in Winter Park and offers tours and rentals on a daily basis.  For further information, or to book a tour, click below to visit their website or call Grand Adventures.  


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Grand Adventures offers Winter Park Lodging Company guests a 10% discount on any of their guided Winter Park snowmobile tours.

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