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Best of Winter Park, CO Photos 2012

2012 has come to a close and what a year it was. Started out with some pretty crummy snow last ski season and Tebow mania taking over Colorado.  ENded with some great snow and skiing this Christmas and New years.  In between we had some gorgeous sunrises, sunsets and moon-lit trees. As for the outdoor pursuits there was plenty of bike rides, sledding, skiing and time on the river.  At the end Tebow was gone and Mr. Peyton Manning has erased all memory with a splendid Broncos season going 13-3.

Give our best of photos a look, it is just over 7 minutes and we hope you enjoy all the beautiful scenery from Winter Park, Colorado. Let us know what you think of out little movie below in the comments area. Here is to another start to a beautiful year in Winter Park.

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