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From Left: Jill, Sarah, Chris, Rachel, Val, & Amy
From Left: Jill, Sarah, Chris, Rachel, Val, & Amy

The folks at WPLBO get to know our guests often quite well by email and phone, but sometimes you don’t get to meet face to face.   We took this shot at the Rockies Opening Game yesterday (a winner over the Phillies by the way!) and thought it would be a good one to post for all to meet the WPLBO team member(s) that helped them find a vacation property in Winter Park. 

That’s Jill on the far left. She lives in Denver part time and Winter Park part time.  Sarah & Chris are next – they’re the owners and got the honor of footing the bill (and all the bills) yesterday.  Next is Rachel who has been with WPLBO since Feb 08. Valarie (or “Val” as we call her) was our first employee and will soon celebrate her 2 year anniversary with WPLBO.  Last but not least – the ultimate blogger – Amy, who forgot she was in Denver and not Winter Park, and wore long underwear to the game. 
Stay with us two or three times and you’ll most likely talk, email, or meet all of these folks!
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