Who Wants A Monster Ski Season?

I do, I do, and with all this talk of El Nino, we might just get one.

El Nino Coming To ColoradoYou can’t have missed the all the talk on the news of the El Nino weather pattern that continues to grow in the Pacific Ocean, and what that cycle might mean for skiers this coming winter.

References to ‘Godzilla’ and comparative studies to the 1998 El Nino (AKA the ‘King Kong’ of `98) that smothered Colorado in feet of powder suggest that we could indeed be in for a MONSTER ski season.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

So what exactly is El Nino?  Well, after extensive research, I was able to put together the following definitions.

El Nino – Defined By Dictionary.com as:

A warm ocean current of variable intensity that develops after late December along the cost of Ecuador and Peru and sometimes cause catastrophic weather conditions.

El Nino – Defined By Old Time Skiers as:  Powder

El Nino – Defined By Chris Farely as:

Yes, it’s still a little early in the day to make definite predictions, but with all this crazy weather talk, this half-full kind of gal is eyeballing some new powder skis for this ski season!

While we’re on the subject of the upcoming ski season, Winter Park has a couple of changes going on that are well worth mentioning.

The first, is the introduction of new Hands-Free RFTD lift passes.   These chip embedded passes will replace all paper tickets and should significantly speed up the lift boarding process at all base area lifts.

How do they work?  Simple.  Skiers just stow away the pass in their jacket pocket and the soon to be installed lift gates will automatically open when the pass holder walks through the scanner.  Rumor has it that your ski pass photo might also pop up for the Lift Crew to verify you as the pass holder, so make sure you smile pretty for the camera this year.

Next up for discussion is the opening and closing of a couple of stores and restaurants opening in Base Village.  Rocky Mountain Eyewear (next to Riverside Spirits) has been replaced by a traditional Candy Sweet Shop with an awesome selection of yumminess guaranteed to have your kids bouncing off the walls in no time.  The other big change is the departure of the Cheeky Monk, we’ve not heard what it will be replaced with yet, but will keep you posted with any updates.

The last (and admittedly very unofficial, but a gem of a rumor), is that we’ve head a whisper in the wind that Winter Park Resort is toying with the idea of taking on A-Basin & Loveland as the ‘Last Man Skiing’ resort for 2016.  Nothing has been confirmed by Winter Park Resort, and the last official word on the street was that the resort is still scheduled to close in Mid April, but the rumor going around town is that there’s a possibility that areas of the resort could stay open as late as May 7th???

Whatever the truth, so long as El Nino does his thing, we’re going to be in for an epic 2015/2016 ski season, so plan on coming up to Winter Park to join in the fun.

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August 29th, 2015

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Massage in Winter Park VillageMassage and Liquor in the Winter Park Village

There a couple of new stores opening in the Winter Park Village that will be new for this ski season.  Alpenglow Massage, which opened this past summer, and Riverside Spirits should both be great additions to the Winter Park Ski Village.

Alpenglow Massage offers a variety of massage services to restore and revitalize sore and tired muscles. After a day of biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding let Alpenglow Massage bring relaxation into your fun-filled stay.

And if Alpenglow can not ease your aching bones than Riverside Spirits should be able to get the job done. Riverside Spirits, opening this winter, will specialize in Colorado craft brews and artisan distilleries.

Riverside Spirits is a new Beer, Wine, and Liquor establishment located in the Base Village at Winter Park Resort. We will be a full service liquor store with a heavy influence, 50% plus of our inventory, on Colorado Craft Breweries and Artisan Distilleries.”

RS will provide a vast selection of the highest quality local and regional brews, wines, and Liquor store Winter Park ski villagespirits that will satisfy the novice to the very experienced consumer, while also carrying the established brands that customers have grown accustomed to.

The Winter Park Village is becoming filled in with openings of new stores every year.  It is the place to be in Winter Park with all the luxuries and conveniences that you will need on your Winter Park, Colorado ski vacation.  With a liquor shoe, Alpenglow Massage, four restaurants all that you need is right out your door when you stay at one of these Winter Park ski in/out vacation rentals.

Let Winter Park Lodging Company and our EasySki service take the pains out planning your ski trip to Winter Park and Mary Jane with the all the local inside info and best deals on Winter Park lodging, lift tickets and ski rental deals.

October 29th, 2012

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Thanksgiving in Winter Park, ColoradoThanksgiving Turkey Dinner in Winter Park, CO

Looking to have a family retreat on the skiing hills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains?  Well, we think the perfect place to give thanks for all that  is good in our lives is here in wonderful Winter Park, Colorado.

Never been to the ski resorts of Colorado Thanksgiving time?- You are missing our.  Take a look at the picture to the left and you can see how amazing Winter Park Resort is around turkey time.  Picture, by Scott Hefel, was taken last year over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

For those wanting to celebrate with a large family we have just the accommodations.  Check out our four bedroom and larger WInter Park vacation rentals.  And those that would like to eat, sleep and ski on the slopes of Winter Park and Mary Jane there is an exceptional Thanksgiving dinner at the mid-mountain Sun Spot Eatery and Winter Park Lodging Company has a wide selection of ski in and out Winter Park Resort Properties.

To top it all off Winter Park Lodging Company has done the research and found discount  flights from across the whole USA to Denver International Airport to get you to WP on the cheap.  Winter Park Resort lift tickets are also on special and you will not find a better deal than buying lift tickets now through Winter Park Lodging Company.

So if you are looking for a wonderful special Thanksgiving experience with some skiing and time with loved ones Winter Park, Colorado is the place to be.

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October 1st, 2012

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Winter Park Resort SKi hill improvementsUpgrades at Winter Park/Mary Jane 2012

After a sub-par snow year last season at Winter Park and Mary Jane the resort is looking to bounce back this year with above average snowfall and a couple of on hill improvements.

As you can see in the picture to the left there is a some helicopter tree removal going on now to remove some of the pine beetle trees on the Winter Park side of the resort.  Rumor has it that there will be more glade skiing on some of the older Winter Park and Mary Jane ski trails.  The Outhouse trees on skiers right will be getting a serious thinning out. Making one of the best ski runs in all of Colorado a little bit more accessible for those squeamish about real tight tree skiing.  Lat year skiers left of Outhouse was thinned and this year with right side thinned should make Outhouse a blast. Not that it wasn’t perfect before but maybe now it will be a little bit more perfect, if possible.

Winter Park is also installing a tubing hill right at the base of the Winter Park Village running under the red cabriolet, tea cups, that will be a treat for the young ones.

As for improvements at the Winter Park Village base we have Riverside Spirits liquor store opening for this ski season.  Look for Riverside Spirits in the Zephyr Mountain Lodging Riverside building where Silver Creek Jewelry was located.  Now the Winter Park base area has its own liquor store for all those wanting to skip the bars and head straight to your Winter Park Vacation Lodging Rental after a day on the ski slopes.

Winter Park Ski Area snow history

2011/2012 Winter Park ski area improvements

September 25th, 2012

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Winter Park Village massage

Winter Park, CO Massage

Spent too much time on the mountain bike trails or at Winter Park/Mary Jane Ski Resort? New in the Village at Winter Park Resort, Alpenglow Massage offers a variety of massage services to restore and revitalize sore and tired muscles. After a day of biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding let Alpenglow Massage bring relaxation into your fun-filled stay.

Offering massage services right at the base of the Village or In-Room services as well. Give Alpenglow a call to make an appointment at 970.726.2363.

Looking for the ultimate relaxation after a day on the slopes?  A swedish or deep tissue massage will take the skiing aches away let you relax on your Winter Park ski vacation.

Alpenglow Website: http://www.alpenglowmassage.com

Alpenglo Massage in the Winter Park Resort Ski Village

105 Parry Peak Way
Ste 200
Winter Park, CO 80482

(970) 726-2363

September 21st, 2012

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Hot Wing Festival at Winter Park, CO Hot Wing Festival in Winter Park, CO

The First Annual Whiskey and Wings festival is coming to Winter Park Resort on September 1st and will mark the fall slowdown of events here in WP.

Whiskey and Wings will bring some of the best whiskey and wings in Colorado. With a variety of styles and flavors you will be sure to find your favorite and help Winter Park Resort pick the best wings around. If you are in the competitive mood, join the wing eating contests in the Village Gazebo to see how many wing you can really put away.

LAbor day weekend usually ,arks the start of the fall season here in Winter Park and The Whiskey and Wings will be the last big event this summer season.  So get your wing eating on and come out to sample some of the best whiskey in all of Colorado.  The event will take place up at Winter Park Resort with the wing eating contest in the Village Gazebo.

August 21st, 2012

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Backcountry Cat skiing ColoradoSnow Cat Skiing in Winter Park, Colorado

Powder Addiction is offering up the cheapest snow cat skiing rates of the year with a 20% off sale through the end of August.

Powder Addiction will start up ski operations December 10, 2012 and the snow forecast is looking pretty good for this coming season, everyone knock on wood. If you have not been out with Powder Addiction to hit the powder of Jones Pass you are missing out.  There is not a more fun, safe and exhilarating way to spend a winter day in Colorado.

Check out the trips we have had with PA here at Winter park Lodging Company:

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company can book your cat skiing trip with PA using our EasySki Travel service.  Check out Powder Addiction with Winter Park Lodging Company.
Here is the full Powder Addiction Cat Skiing deal:

Reservations open for the 2012-2013 season!

Book before Labor Day and get 20% off.

Book between September 3 & 24, 2012 and get 10% off.

*Discount for online bookings only.

Colorado ski resort snowfallFeeling like you want to wait to see if the snow conditions are going to be favorable to the Winter Park area?  Check out initial snowfall prediction for the USA this coming ski season.  Map brought to you by GEOEA.ORG.  Read the complete US snowfall prediction for this coming ski season.


Think snow, snow. snow and and purchase your seat on a Powder Addiction backcountry snowcat ski trip early to save some cash.

August 17th, 2012

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Tubing at Winter Park Resort CONew Sled Hill at Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort is in the process of opening a tubing hill at the Winter Park/Mary Ski area Base.  Beginning next winter, Winter Park Resort will offer homeowners and guests a tubing/sled hill. Tubers will start at the hill behind the Vintage Hotel, slide down four lanes under the Cabriolet (pictured to the left and we call them the teacups), before being taken up for another run via a magic carpet lift. The Vintage Hotel will feature a tubing ticket office and upgrades to food and beverage are being considered. The project planning is in the initial stages and construction is expected to begin soon.

That is right there will be a real tubing hill at the Winter Park Base.  The real little ones, grandparents and non-skiers will have some base activity as all the skies head out and hit the magnificent ski hills of Winter Park and Mary Jane.

Check out all of the Winter Park Activities

July 11th, 2012

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When we saw this fun and hip video with the bird’s eye view of the entire Village at Winter Park Resort, everyone at Winter Park Lodging Company was truly impressed (and wished we had come up with the idea ourselves).

From the long boarder guiding you through the gates into the Village, to the soaring views of the entire Village at the Winter Park ski resort, the video taken from above is captivating, with catchy tunes and amazing imagery.

See it all from the sky, including the Lofts, Village restaurants and shops, Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Fraser Crossing and Founder’s Pointe condos.  We’re sure that you will be impressed, too. Check out this cool Aerial Video of the Village at Winter Park Resort now and let us know what you think.

October 25th, 2011

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When will Winter Park, CO Receive the First Measurable Snow for Winter 2011?winter park co when will it snow

It is that time of year again when we are on the snow lookout. We are on our fourth year of the Winter Park,CO First Measurable Snow Contest.  This year looks to be a good year of snow as the La Nina weather pattern is supposed to be hanging on until early in 2012.  And that little La Nina was oh so kind to us last year we are looking for some great snow early this year, knock on wood.

Anyone fortunate enough to live or travel out here to CO during the 2010-11 winter knows that it was the mother of all winters with most Colorado resorts boasting record snow totals. Could this winter be a repeat of the La Nina conditions that brought about last year’s nearly endless winter (we had good a good snowfall in mid-June)?

The NOAA’s current climate models give us a coin flip’s chance at either a repeat La Nina event or the normal ENSO neutral. They aren’t the best odds in the world, but I’ll take them.  Anywho, lets hope that the snow is flying early and often to make this another good winter of skiing.

The first measurable snow in Winter Park, Colorado contest goes like this:

  • Guess the day of the first measurable snow at Winter Park Resort in the comments section below this blog or on the Winter Park Lodging Company Facebook Page
  • Only one guess per person
  • Measurable snow is more than half an inch
  • Prize is dinner for two at Deno’s Mountain Bistro, $100.00 limit
  • Guess must be in two days before actual snow
Last year, 2010, first snow was rather late with an October 12th blizzard.  2009 brought us first snow on September 21st and 2008 was early with a September 10th date.  Last year I predicted September 15th and was off by almost a month.
So everyone put your Winter Park Resort Trail-maps in the freezer for good luck (and to make the snow gods happy) and get your snow dance on.  I will start things off with the fist snow prediction for ski season 2011/2012.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

August 21st, 2011

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