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$avings on the $lopes and $urroundings

Book Direct with a local company, they are the area experts and can frequently bundle your savings with connections to other local deals.

Lodging: Book Direct, book early and book local.  Local lodging companies know the territory! If you book directly with a local lodging company, you will avoid third-party fees, while working with people that are members of the community and are best able to accommodate particulars in regards to budget, property specifics, and connections to local specials, in-house and reciprocal discount packages, and current events. Quality lodging companies are expert at taking care of details. At the time of booking your lodging, always ask about any reciprocal deals that they may be able to set up for you concerning the other provisions for your upcoming vacation: lift tickets, equipment rentals, event discounts, etc. Lower rates on lodging are most obtainable during mid-week, non-holiday periods. Consider booking a vacation rental right at the resort.  Though it would seem that ski-in/ski-out properties would be more costly, there are great savings to be had when you have easy access to food and drink at your place of lodging.    

Make advanced bookings—for every component:  from lodging to car rentals, to lift tickets, to gear packages.

Lift Tickets—the reason you’re headed up to Winter Park Resort and Mary Jane during the snow season is to spend some prime time on those legendary ski trails.  When planning ahead, there are methods to save more and ski more.  The two best means of ski vacation savings are to utilize advance online purchasing and to ski multiple days.  Walk-up window rates can cost up to $159 for a day on the slopes.  However, when you make your plans more than a week in advance, you can save up to $35.00 a day, by going to the Winter Park Resort site and purchasing your lift tickets on-line.  Additionally, when you are skiing more than a single day, and who isn’t, your savings are even higher: at least seven days in advance, buy a QuickTrax Card online. Click below for more info on how we can help with lift tickets.  

Gear-up: Snow and recreation in the snow requires lots of equipment.  If you already own all of your own equipment and are coming from out-of-state, check into the possibility of pre-shipping some of your gear to your destination ahead of time.  This is often more cost-effective than the airline over-size bagging fees. Plus, it relieves some of the hassles of travel days, you just need to get yourselves to the land of snow. When renting, online advance equipment and clothing rental is going to save you time, money and stress.  The cost savings could be up to 40%! See below in the “partner company reciprocal budget deals” section
for ways to save up to 25% on ski rentals through Winter Park Lodging Company.  Another popular option for budget-savvy travelers are consignment shops and other used-clothing retailers.

Invest in trip insurance.
You are booking early; life is full of surprises.  Insurance can save you thousands of dollars.  Should illness, an accident, or a host other unexpected misfortune come your way, good travel insurance can help one calamity not erupt into a financial disaster, as well.  Click below to learn more about trip insurance.

Always ask about age-related, job-related, and military discounts that may apply.

Ski resorts often offer college, military, and senior discounts.  Generally, all you need is documentation of your status and you receive a nice discount on lift passes.  If you work in a related industry it could be worth calling ahead and stating your name and business.  They might just offer you a special discount.  If you have a large group, call group sales at any resort and most of the time they will negotiate a price that is fair to you and them.

Teddy Bear Illness

Local lodging companies will do the same if you book direct with them.  Click below to see what we offer at Winter Park Lodging Company.

Ask about partner company reciprocal budget deals—for lessons, equipment, car rental, etc.

Not only will a local lodging company have the insider information on what the best thing happening is at the time, they will also have connections with other local businesses and provide reciprocating discounts with them. For example, if it’s rafting season, we provide 10% off with the local whitewater rafting outfit.  We provide discounts on everything ranging from outdoor experiences to retail savings in Winter Park and even car rentals!



Take advantage of multi-day lift tickets or passes.

Lift ticket deals exist all the time.

Multi-day pass—flexibility to choose a 2-out-of 3-days pass, or better, ski 7-out-of-10 days pass.  Savings vary and there is a limited inventory of these specially priced tickets.  Winter Park Resort offers discounts to seniors (70 years plus), children, students, and Military.  Notice, those little guys (kids 5 and under) can ski for $10, what a great ski deal!  Also, be on the lookout for “first-timers” deals.  You can often get lessons and learners slopes’ access for reduced pricing.

Passesextended vacations. You have the time, you have the desire—you are ready to spend more than seven days on the slopes.  A season pass is the way to go, even when buying midseason!  Take a look at the Winter Park Resort online site for unlimited lift passes, such as The Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus (also includes six days at Steamboat) or all Winter Park/Mary Jane Pass for unlimited skiing for the rest of the season. There is a variety of ski options available, some which incorporate lift tickets for other resort areas; and other choices that are spring skiing specific.  For truly savvy savers, look at the upcoming year’s ski season pass in April or May: you will surprise yourself with how budget-friendly a ski pass can be!

Public transportation is most often the lowest cost, or even free.

Amtrak Winter Park Express: this unique experience train ride to Winter Park Resort is available January through March, on weekends.  Tickets range between $39 and $59; though, there are a limited number of early booking discount tickets avail for as low as $29.

Home James Transportation: Denver to Winter Park shuttle company.  Two hour trip in well-equipped shuttle vans.  $70-$100 per adult ticket.  Adjust pricing for groups. Half-price for children.  Deals and specials are often available online. 

Once you are up in Winter Park, the free, fun, and convenient shuttle service at your disposal is The Lift.  This public transportation will get you all around the resort, and the towns of Winter Park and Fraser, with multiple stops and extended hours.  Download the RideHop app.  Use access code: lift.

Stay during mid-week, non-holiday periods.
If you have the luxury of being able to get away during the week you will not only deal with a lower number of people on the slopes and on the roads, you will find lower prices on lodging, activities, and dining.  Most businesses offer great mid-week deals and specials.  At Winter Park Lodging Company our prices average $50-$100 less per night from Sunday through Wednesday.
Fresh Corduroy Winter Park

Mid Week Ski Slopes

Groceries and DIY meals and snack are the cheapest way to go.

Food: For cheap eats, the same tricks apply when on vacation that you practice at home.  Groceries always cost less than restaurants. If you’re coming up from Denver, pick up your food-stuff in the city, it is more economical than in the mountains.  Though, there are several moderately priced grocery stores in town, too.  Liquor stores are going to be significantly cheaper than bar service.  So, stock your vacation kitchen with convenient food and beverage supplies, and have greater control over the budget. There is even a local company, the Grocery Guys, that will shop for you if you’re wanting groceries waiting at your property.  You can still choose those times for indulging in culinary splurges.  Another tip for less money, additional fun, is to ‘pocket pack.’  Whether you put a backpack to work or use your parka’s pockets, there is a lot of portable nourishment that can keep you on the slopes while others are spending prime time and a chunk of change on the slope-side fare. Make it a meal on the go, and you’ll be in the dough!

Check out the free events calendars, before you go and upon arrival.

Activities & Events: Ski towns are vacation towns—they know how to radiate hospitality.  Free events and activities abound: concerts, classes, recreation, and discovery are the standard inviting happenings in Winter Park.  Once you know your travel dates, get online to access the resort, the town, and the Chamber of Commerce’s calendar of events. Check out the Winter Park Resort site for upcoming events on the mountain; and, for the town of Winter Park: .  Your vacation stay may need to be prolonged just to attend the fun and free specials!

Get Creative.

Another popular option for budget-savvy travelers are consignment shops and other used-clothing retailers.  Ski towns generally have great selections of gently used clothing and equipment available in these shops.  For kids that are quickly out-growing their garb, this is an especially appealing option. This last budget-smart option may present major savings but is relationship specific. Should you have friends or family living in Colorado, have a look at end-of-season bargains on equipment at the rental shops.  Pick up a pair of skis, boots, a snowboard, at incredible mark-down prices.Then, have your friend or family member store that equipment for your yearly trip.  A fun possibility–you and the friend go in together on a high-end pair of skis, and the friend can ski on them during times when you’re not using them.  We have a few friend groups for which this has actually been a wise financial success.  It saves the vacationers money and rental worries, and the keeper of the goods gets some time on shared equipment that may offer different thrills than their primary equipment.  The idea has been tested— it is worth consideration.

Fire and Wine



“Spend little, live large, and extend the happiness!”


Get the best Bang For Your Buck With Winter Park Lodging Company

Winter Park Lodging Company has a great lineup of properties located throughout the Fraser Valley :

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1-23-2018—by Anne-Marie & Larry

January 29th, 2018

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spring 2_edited-1If you’re looking for something fun to spend your tax refund on, you’ll be surprised at how far your dollars will go on a Winter Park ski trip in April.

Long hailed by the locals as their favorite time to ski, the price of a lift ticket in April drops dramatically from the peak rates during Spring Break.

Winter Park Resort is currently offering a $99 Triple Play Pass, valid for 3 days of skiing or riding in April.  

Needless to say, this incredible rate is a limited time offer, with the price set to increase on March 3rd, 2015.  To take advantage of the Triple Play Pass early rate, click here to purchase it online before 3/2/15.

Ski Homes with hot tubs and viewsWith a season total of 212 inches of snowfall so far, and a snow base of over 5 feet, conditions are looking very favorable as we move toward springtime.    In addition to long days, warm temperatures and largely empty slopes, there is all kinds of end of season revelry to get involved in during the annual Springtopia & Spring Splash weekend.

April Lodging Deals
In addition to the discount skiing available, you’d be amazed at what you can pick up a vacation rental for during the month of April.  Given that Spring Break has come to a close by April, most companies will offer reduced lodging rates and reduced minimum night stays for the last few weeks of the season.

Book an 2 night April stay with Winter Park Lodging Company today, and get 50% off your 2nd Night! 



March 1st, 2015

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Ski sales winter parkIf you’re ready for an equipment upgrade, but the price of a new set up sends cold shivers down your spine, it’s well worth asking your local ski or snowboard shop about end of season demo and retail sales.

Demos are high performance ski and snowboard rentals that allow people to try out the latest and greatest equipment on the market.  When the stores start shopping for new models for next season, they like to start selling off the current demos and this year’s retail inventory equipment to make room on the shelves.

Here are a few reasons why I love buying ex-demos:

  • They have been treated like gold by the ski shop – the role of the demo ski is to get the skier to buy the plastic wrapped twin off the retail floor, therefore demo skis tend to be kept in tip top condition with regular tunes after use.
  • You’ll normally get a decent binding (already mounted) included in the deal
  • Most shops allow you to deduct a portion of your rental price off the retail price of the ski/board
  • You’ll get a current, top of the line model for a fraction of the cost

epic justin resizeHere in Winter Park, Epic Mountain Sports have the largest demo fleet in town, offering multiple models from 13 top brands.

They just returned from the SIA show (SnowSports Industries America) where they selected their new demo models for next year, and are ready to sell off some of their current inventory for a very pretty penny.

They stand by the Try-Before-You-Buy school of service and will apply up to two day’s rental against the retail price of a ski (normally around $58).

With a large selection of boards and skis on offer, we’d recommend stopping into the store to take a good look at their full inventory, but to just to get you started, here’s a little taster of some of the ex-demo skis for sale at Epic Mountain Sports.

Men’s Skis

Atomic AutomaticAtomic Automatic 102 with an Atomic NR FFG Binding: SALE $576
Atomic Automatic 109 with an Atomic NR FFG Binding: SALE $658

Features rocker tip & tail with a full wood core.  This is a playful ski with lots of energy it’s best for intermediate to expert skiers.  The automatic is great in the bowl & on groomers, it busts through crud on packed powder days and is phenomenal in powder conditions.  The 102 would make a great one quiver ski & the 109 is a perfect choice for a powder ski.

Line Supernatural


Line Supernatural 92 with a Marker Griffon binding: SALE $715

Low profile rocker tip & tail with wood core & metal wishbone.  A great option for advanced intermediate to expert skiers.  This all mountain ski handles groomers & bumps easily & really excels in softer snow.



line sick day


Line Sickday 95 with a Marker Griffon binding: SALE $715
Line Sickday 110 with a Marker Griffon binding: SALE $797

Moderate rocker tip & tail with full wood core.  The Sickday is a responsive award winning ski that keeps up with hard charging skiers.  It’s accessible for intermediate skiers but still can’t be over skied by an expert.  Go-to choices for all mountain & powder conditions!


Women’s Skies:

icelantic oracle


Icelantic Oracle with a Marker Squire binding: SALE $606

Created by a Colorado based company the Oracle is designed for Rocky Mountain Riding! It’s 100 under foot with rocker tip & a traditional twin tip tail.  Camber under foot provides good hold on hard snow & slides through bumps while the rocker tip allows the Oracle float in powder conditions. Perfect choice for an advanced skier and requires interactive skier style, not for lazy days.


Dynastar Cham


Dynastar Cham 87 with a Marker Squire binding: SALE $641
Dynastar Cham 97 with a Marker Squire binding: SALE $641

The Cham has high rise rocker tip and traditional camber down to pin tail.  The Cham series allows women of any ability to access the whole mountain and cannot be over skied by experts.  Both models excel in all snow conditions and are comfortable on any terrain.


Nordica Wild Belle


Nordica Wild Belle with Marker Squire binding: SALE $671

At 88 under foot with slight rocker in the tip & tail, the Wild Belle is great for strong beginners through expert skiers looking to conquer the whole mountain.  It’s amazing on groomers & bumps and just wide enough to float in powder.




rossi trickstick


Rossignol Trickstick (no binding): SALE $234

This board is nearly full rocker with a small camber zone between the feet.  The medium – soft flex allows for maximum playfulness, park jibbing, & all mountain riding. 




ross magtek


Rossignol Templar Magtek (no binding): SALE $312

Features rocker tip and tail from feet outward. With a medium – stiff flex this board is best for intermediate to expert riders that demand more performance from a board.  The Templar is a great choice for riders that prefer moguls and big mountain. 



In addition to numerous demo skis & boards on sale, Epic Mountain Sports is also offering brand new (unmounted) skis for as low as $249, and girls ex-rental skis (with binding) from just $49.   

For further information, contact Epic Mountain Sports at 970-726-2868 or stop into their store in central Downtown Winter Park, below ‘The Ditch’.

March 1st, 2015

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Discount rental cars with EasySkiEasySki Wheeling & Dealing On Your Behalf

We are very happy to announce that we have answered your requests and extended our EasySki services to include quality car rentals at affordable rates.

Driving in the Colorado high country can be a bit of a daunting experience at times, so we’ve teamed up with one of the nation’s most reputable car rental companies, Alamo, to offer our guests a discounted rate on their fleet of 4-wheel drive, SUVs.

Talk to us about your size preferences and we’ll help you pick out the best fit from standard, midsize, full size or premium SUV.  Got ski gear?  No problem; all of our Alamo SUV rentals come with a full ski rack to transport that treasured gear up to the mountains.

The Alamo Car Rental company are a 24 hour service, and are located on-site at DIA, and about a 5 minutes bus ride from the main Jeppesen Terminal (baggage claim).  The Alamo courtesy shuttle is easily accessible at pick up/drop off point 6 on level 5 of the terminal.  When you arrive at the Alamo lot, pop inside to the guest representative and give them your booking reference (supplied by us when book with EasySki), sign the paperwork, and grab your keys.

When you get settled into your ride, you’re an easy 1.5 hour drive away from Winter Park, with total freedom to stop off along the way if you want to check out some of the areas other attractions, such as Red Rocks Ampitheater & the Idaho Springs Gold Mines.

thanksgiving special

If you are planning a Thanksgiving trip to Winter Park, check out our great introductory rates for November 27 – December 1st.

Car Type Daily 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day Weekly
Minivan $225 $557 $782 $1,007 $1,185 $1,363
Midsize SUV $205 $637 $842 $1,185 $1,205 $1,225
Standard SUV $210 $642 $843 $1,044 $1,169 $1,244
Fullsize SUV $201 $653 $854 $1,032 $1,182 $1,257
Premium SUV $201 $663 $864 $1,065 $1,265 $1,290

For further details on our car rentals, and all other Winter Park Lodging Company discounts, call our main number above, and ask to speak with our EasySki Team.



November 5th, 2013

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best rentals in winter parkearn huge ski discounts when you stay with winter park lodging company

It’s only a few short months until ski season, and the savvy skier knows that the earlier you book your lift tickets, the better the deal. 

If you are planning on staying with us and skiing at peak season (or any other time this winter), we strongly encourage you to buy your lift tickets early through our EasySki service, it will make a huge difference to your wallet!

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of having to swallow the price of a prime time lift pass from the ticket window, you’ll agree that taking advantage of these early purchase deals is more than worth it. 

But before we get into the nitty gritty of just how much you can save, a word to the wise: THESE LIFT TICKET DEALS EXPIRE SEPT 30TH, 2013 so don’t delay, call us today ON 877-536-5910.  

Please note, we can only sell lift tickets to booked Winter Park Lodging Company guests, so check out our lodging deals first, and if you book, we would be happy to arrange these great discounts for you.    

steal of a deal: ski 4 days at winter park 2013/14 for just $179

ski pass image

Break that down to a daily rate, and that means that you can ski the holidays for just $44 a day!   

No black out dates, and it even comes in the form of a swanky plastic photo pass that gives you some additional benefits, normally restricted to season pass holders.

Only a limited number 4-Day photo passes are available, so if you want to take advantage of this, or any other EasySki deals, EMAIL OR CALL OUR EASYSKI TEAM TODAY ON 877-536-5910. 

Skiing more or less days than 4 days during your stay?    The four day pass is such a good deal, it may still be a better deal to buy this over a 3 day pass, or combine it with additional tickets if you would like to ski longer.   We’ve done the math, and have put together our best rates for a 3 day, 4 day, 5 day & 6 day adult ski passes below.

3 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)


4 DAYS LIFT PASS(2013/14)



5 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)



6 DAY LIFT PASS (2013/14)

6 day lift ticket rates




easyski services




September 5th, 2013

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Savings in Winter Park  key card

Discounts with the Winter Park Key Card

Your Key Card is the only card you will need to access rewards, savings, discounts and ongoing promotions in Winter Park & The Fraser Valley. Make sure you use your Key Card every time you stay, shop, dine or do an activity at participating merchants. You will will earn points and rewards every time you make a purchase and then you may redeem those points back with us. And the best part, its FREE!

Get your Winter Park & Fraser Key Card.

If you take your card to the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, they will put $10 on it to use at any of those 50 businesses for a limited time so get over there and get your $10.

Participating  Winter Park and Fraser Valley Businesses include:

Alpine Sun Ski & Sport

Arapaho Chiropractic Center


Beaver Village Lodge

Best Western / Alpenglo Lodge

Blue Sky Massage

Columbia Store at Winter Park Resort

Colorado Adventure Park

Deno’s Mountain Bistro

Earth Rocks

The Eatery at Beaver Village

Epic Mountain Sports – Both Locations

Fontenot’s Fresh Seafood & Grill

Granby Ranch 8350 (Members Private Club)

Grand Sports Shop

Hernando’s Pizza & Pasta Pub

Icebox Liquors


Kopy Kat Office

Moose Hollow Trading Company

Olympia Lodge

Pizza Pedal’r

Powder Addiction

Rocky Mountain Chalet

Seven Sisters

Seven Trails Restaurant at SolVista Basin

Ski4Less – All 4 Locations

Ski Broker

SolVista Basin Retail & Bike Shop

SolVista Basin Cafeteria

SolVista Basin Ski Rentals & Ticket Sales

Spectrum Home Services

The Salon at Winter Park

The Sun Piper

The Viking Lodge & Ski Shop

Trails End Mercantile

Wild Horse Inn

Winter Park Chateau

Winter Park Lodging Company

Winter Park Market

Get your card and start saving now!

January 19th, 2012

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Times have changed, as has the cost of skiing. It no longer costs $15 for a lift ticket, but there are lots of ways to save if you get a little creative.  Here are our tips on how to stretch your dollar to the max, so you can have the maximum amount of fun on your Winter Park ski trip.

Lift Ticket Lessons!

Use our EasySki service.  This ski season, guests of Winter Park Lodging Company will be greatly rewarded with convenience and low lift ticket prices (among other items) when they use our new EasySki service.  We are taking the reigns for our guests and pre-booking lift tickets from $49 to $65 each.  The catch is that you have to ski three days or more. If you only want to ski one or two days, see below in lift ticket coupons section.

Buy Early. Oftentimes, if you plan plenty of time in advance, you will save on your lift ticket costs. For example, with EasySki, lift tickets are the very cheapest before October 31st. Also, Winter Park sells their season passes at a really low price before the ski season. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the season pass. They become available in May for the upcoming winter and the price slowly creeps up through the summer and fall.  Usually skiing skiing days or more with a season pass costs less than the cost buying single lift tickets. Don’t wait until after the ski season starts, though, that’s when season prices go really high, usually over $1000 each.

Teenager Trick: If you have a teenage child between the age of 13 to 17 years old, you can get him/her a season pass for less than the cost of an adult season pass, then use the ten $69 lift ticket coupons that come with it. The adult season passes also come with the ten $69 coupons, so even if you don’t have a teenager in your family, you can still save with an adult season pass & the discount coup0ns.

Coupons: If you only plan to ski four days or less, there are other ways to save.  Coupon books area available in Denver and other Front Range grocery stores – King Soopers, Safeway or City Market. At their customer service desks you can purchase the EBook or GoldC Book, which has a variety of coupons for lift tickets at Winter Park Resort and other ski areas. The cost is $10 each and the coupons are for lift tickets for $63 to $72 instead of the $92+ price at the lift ticket window at the ski resort.

Four Pass: If you are a Colorado resident, you are probably already aware of the Four Pass, a four-day lift pass for $159. The catch is that you have to get your photo taken to get the pass, which means you have to be physically present at a Colorado vendor to purchase the Four Pass.

Gear Facts: Ski/Snowboard Equipment

If you own: Check out the option to ship your skis and bulky items instead of bringing it all on the plane. You’ll spend less to ship usually, with airlines charging as much as $100 for each oversize baggage item. Maybe consider shipping just your boots, and renting your skis and poles or snowboard.

Renting: Book your rental gear early. If you don’t own your own equipment and will be renting your gear,  it pays to book online in advance rather than paying the walk-in rates, sometimes as much as 40% less.

EasySki service: not only saves our guests money on ski and board rentals (up to 40% less than walk-in rates), it also saves you time and energy. With EasySki, you have the option to get free custom delivery with Winter Park Resort Rentals, with a custom boot fitting right in the comfort of your vacation rental, plus an express ticket to pick up your skis on the way to the lift.  Or get a basic ski rental package with Epic Mountain Sports for $18/day, plus tax. We’ll book it all for you!

What to Wear & Ways to Save

Savvy Savings on Clothing: if you live in Florida, chances are you don’t own an appropriate winter coat or ski pants. Or maybe you have kids that are growing so fast that it’s just not feasible to buy them a new coat and pants each winter. For these situations, it’s sometimes better to rent your winter clothing. I know that Ski Broker in Fraser has lots of coats, pants and other clothing items for rent from $10 to $25 per day.

Be Thrifty – get your ski gear at a consignment shop, or get your kids’ winter coats at a thrift store.  There’s no better place to get second-hand clothing and gear than in a ski town, so maybe you can wait until you get to Winter Park then shop at one of our local thrift stores. If you don’t find just what you need, then check out the clothing rentals at the ski shops.

Tips on Transportation

Drive with Your Gear instead of Flying with Fees: Sometimes taking a little more time to get to your destination can not only be a fun adventure, it can be a great way to save lots of money. Nowadays when you fly, you’re not just paying for your flight. You’re also paying for transportation from the airport to Winter Park, you’re paying for your in-flight meals, you’re paying for the privilege of checking and even carrying on bags and you’re paying even more to fly with your oversize and overweight ski and snowboard equipment.

If you Gotta fly: Sometimes it just isn’t realistic to drive, so you just gotta fly. If you do have to fly, think of creative ways to reduce the costs of traveling on a flight.

Use the free ski shuttle to get from your lodging to the ski area. Sometimes taking an airport shuttle from the airport then walking around or using the free shuttle will cost you less than renting a car, plus you have to consider the cost of gas, the risk of driving in a winter environment you’re not accustomed to. Plus it can be a lot of fun to learn about the area by getting on a shuttle and checking out areas you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were always just driving directly to and from the ski area. Shuttles also mean you can skip the hassle of parking in a huge ski area parking lot and lugging your gear around very far, since they drop you off right in the Village.

Pack Light! Really, less is more. Less to pay in baggage fees, less to lug around, less to keep track of. You can really economize your luggage by re-wearing your under layers like your underarmor wicking  gear, for example. Staying at a vacation rental with a private or even shared washer and dryer can really help. One bag really can get you by. It pays to invest in a scale to weigh your luggage to avoid fees for exceeding weight limits. Also, invest in organizing compartments for your luggage that maximize the space in your suitcases. If you can get all of your items in a carry-on, even better! You can ship your bulky coats, boots and skis or other oversize or bulky items that take a lot of space.

Learn Your Airline ABCs: Fly with airlines such as WestJet or Southwest airlines that allow two free carry on bags. Southwest even allows you to change your flight at no charge, you just pay the fare difference, if any.

More Airfare Tips:  Check fares at nearby airports instead of just the closest one to you. Sometimes driving an extra hour to the airport can save you lots of money. Use cheap airfare alerts that go directly to your inbox when a discounted flight you’re interested in becomes available. My favorite is, which I use every month for our monthly airfare deals alert. Pack a lunch or dinner for you flight instead of paying for the weird airline food. Finally, maybe you can book your flights with a credit card that waives baggage fees, like the Contintental OnePass Master Card.

Food and Dining

Shop for Groceries in Denver –  as much  as I like to promote buying local to support our local economy, if you really need to eat on a shoestring, go to a grocery store in Denver on your way to Winter Park. This option is really only viable if you have your own car, though, since the airport shuttles do not make any stops on the way.

Eat in – it really helps to eat like you normally eat while on vacation, then splurging on just one or two dinners. When you stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel, you can really take advantage of using the fully equipped kitchens to prepare at-home dinners and lunches. All of our vacation rentals have kitchens and usually have basic staples like spices, coffee filters, condiments and non-perishable items there for you to use (left by previous guests or the owners.  I recommend checking out what’s at your vacation rental before going to the grocery store for your menu items or just getting your meats, fresh veggies and fruits at the grocery store on the way to Winter Park.

Pack Lunch. Instead of paying the ridiculous prices at the base for lunch, pack a lunch and store it in a $1 locker until you’re ready for your lunch break. Maybe you can even pack it in a small backpack, come down to get it, then ride the lift to meet the family at the Lodge at Sunspot or Snoasis for lunch. If you’re staying at the base, you can eat in for lunch in the comfort of your own condo, see more below.

VIP Discount Card – for the occasions that you do want to eat out, use our VIP Discount Card to save at restaurants. More details to come, but click here for a sneak-peak.


Staying ski-in/ski-out – It may seem counter-intuitive because the cost of ski-in/ski-out lodging is higher than non-ski-in/ski-out, but think about the trade-offs. First of all, it’s just so convenient. Also, it can completely eliminate the need for your own car, so you can cross out a car rental and gas expenses. Staying at Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Fraser Crossing and Founder’s Pointe comes with the benefit of using their private shuttle to get to downtown Winter Park or Fraser, plus the free ski shuttle is available to you as well.  Another budget benefit to staying at the base is relative to your food costs. You can come down for lunch in the comfort of your own kitchen and dining room instead of eating at the expensive ski area eateries.

Activities & Other Expenses

Check out our list of Free and Cheap Kids’ ActivitiesThere are many activities that will entertain the kids that don’t require you spend a lot of money. Think out of the box!

VIP Discount Card for Winter Park Lodging Company guests has deals that no other lodging company can offer. Save on sleigh rides, dining and lots of other activities in Winter Park and the Fraser Valley. More details coming soon!


October 4th, 2011

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Winter Park Colorado Vacation dealsWinter Park Colorado Vacation Deals

Now is the time to get up to Winter Park, Colorado.  Deals are aplenty and the snow is starting to build up and get pretty good.  The Winter Park snow forecast calls for a few inches tomorrow and hopefully some more this weekend.

I was checking out some of the deals that the Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce is running at local restaurants and I stumbled upon a whole new Welcome Back to Winter Park Program that they are running this year.  Some great deals from restaurants, retail stores and activities:

Winter Park, Colorado Restaurant Deals

90 Steakhouse & Tavern at the Silverado II Resort 970-722-0299 Enjoy one complimentary entree when a second entree of equal or greater value and two beverages are purchased. Up To $15.00 Value.
Azteca Mexican Restaurant 970-726-2451 Buy 1 drink, get 1 drink of equal or lesser value free. Not valid with any other offer.
The Back Bowl Soup Co. 970-624-0010 1/2 off any breakfast bowl Monday-Friday.
Bistro 28 @ Pole Creek 970-887-9797 15% off the entire meal (offer cannot be applied to other sales or promotions).
Cosmic Dog Mexican Grill 970-726-7178 Free Soda or $1 or with purchase of any burrito.
The Creekside Eatery & The Crooked Creek Saloon 970-726-9250 *Buy 1 Dinner Entrée from our ‘High Altitude Entrees’ or Pasta section, Get 2nd entrée 50% off with the purchase of beverages.
De Antonio’s Pizza & Pasta 970-726-9999 $2.00 off any large pizza or $1.00 off any dinner. Limit one per customer.
Deno’s Mountain Bistro 970-726-5332 Free Dessert with the purchase of a bottle of wine.
Fontenots Mountain Bistro 970-726-4021 20% off dinner entree. Mention this offer before ordering to receive discount. Not valid during the hours of 4-6pm (Recession Menu).
The Grand Lake Brewing Company 970-627-1711 Free Logo Glass with the purchase of a pint of handcrafted beer at the brewery in Grand Lake. One per person per coupon.
Hernando’s Pizza & Pasta Pub 970-726-5409 Free Cheesy Garlic Bread with purchase of $30.00 or more. Valid Monday – Thursday.
Mirasol Cantina 970-726-0280 15% off Entire Bill.
Mountain Grind Coffee & Bistro 970-726-0999 Get a free piece of fudge with any purchase of $5 or more.
The Mountain Rose Café 970-726-1374 Free cup of coffee with purchase of Entrée. Limit 1 per customer.
New Hong Kong 970-726-9888 1/2 off soup and egg roll with purchase of an entrée.
Pizza Hut 970-726-8101 10% off your order.  May not be combined with any other offer or coupons, including advertised specials.
Rudi’s Deli 970-726-8955 Free half sandwich with the purchase of a full sandwich.
Star of India 970-726-5991 Free bottle of wine with purchase of two entrees.
Winter Park Sushi Bar 970-726-0447 Get a free Dessert with the purchase of any specialty entrée. Limit one per table. Not valid with any other offer or discounts or from 12/18/09-01/03/10.
Verso 970-726-9417 2 for 1 glass of wine (one per customer, excludes Verso 2003).
Wild Horse Gourmet Shop at Cooper Creek Square 970-726-9952 Buy one gourmet-to-go entrée or handcrafted sandwich and get the second at 1/2 price. One coupon per customer. Not valid with any other coupons.
Winter Park Pub 970-726-4929 2 for 1 Appetizers or $11.95 for a 1-Topping Chicago Style Pizza. Some restrictions may apply.
Winter Park Winery 970.726.5144 2 for 1 glass of wine, one per customer.
490 Steakhouse & Tavern at the Silverado II Resort 970-722-0299 Buy 1 drink, get 1 free wine, well or draft.

Winter Park Colorado Activity Deals

Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park 970-726-8326 Free t-shirt for each sled reserved.
Fossil Ridge Horses 970-722-0100 $3 off per person on a sleigh ride, excluding the holidays.
Grand Adventures 970-726-9247 $20 off any two unguided snowmobile rentals.  Not valid 12/15/09 – 1/5/10 or weekends.
Sombrero Stables at Snow Mountain Ranch 970-887-1999 $2 off Dinner Sleigh Ride (or Hot Cocoa Sleigh Ride) per person.
Trailblazer Snowmobile Tours 970-726-8452 $5 off on 2-hour tour. Not valid Saturdays or Holiday Weekends. Limit one offer per person.
Winter Park Park Resort Ski and Ride School 970-726-1564 2 for 1 Kid and Adult Lessons, all season with blackout dates 12/26/2009-12/31/2009 and 03/10/2010-03/25/2010.

Winter Park, Colorado Spas and Heath Services

Alpine Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, PC 970.726.8503 10% off Massage Therapy or Private Pilates instruction. $10 for drop-in fitness classes, Good for One Visit.
Mountain Moon Yoga 970-726-5786 50% off one drop in class (regular price $12).
Fraser Valley Rec District 970-726-8968 $1.00 off regular admission fee at the newest recreation center in the Rockies!
Winter Park Athletic Club 970-722-7882 40% off Daily/or Weekly Rate, or buy 3 months get one month free. Machines must mention this coupon for discount.
Bella Vita (970) 726-9505 $10 off or 10 extra minutes added to a regular priced 40 minute (or longer) spa service. May not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Please mention offer at time of booking.
Blue Sky Massage 970-726-5461 10% off any service. Not valid with other offers, Gift Certificates or discounts. One coupon per service.
Body Works Organic Spa 970-726-4001 Purchase any Spa treatment of 50 min or longer and receive a free luxury hand or foot treatment.
Kut Above Full Service Salon 970-726-8784 [email protected] $5 off a Haircut, Manicure, or Pedicure.

You can see all the deals that are being offered at Welcome Back to Winter Park Deals.  Lots of ways to save money on your vacation to Winter Park or for you locals, that read my mindless drivel, there are some good deals here.

There is a section of deals that I left out about lodging, for obvious reasons.  However, Winter Park Lodging Company will match any published offer that any other Winter Park Vacation Rental Company is offering.  Mind you, this needs to be on comparable accommodations and comparable times.

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company can save you more and will give you better customer service than any of our Winter Park lodging competitors.  Check out all the Winter Park deals that WPLCO offers.

Don’t be hoodwinked.  Stay with the Winter Park locals not the Winter Park jokels!

January 13th, 2010

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Winter Park wild turkey ThanksgivingWhite or Dark Meat? It’s all free!

Kick off the ski and holiday season with quality, family ski time. You’ll enjoy great rates, no crowds and a FREE Thanksgiving Turkey. Choose from over 70 beautiful homes and condos in Winter Park to celebrate your thanks this season. Book your stay between Nov 23-27, and we stock your fridge with a free Thanksgiving Turkey, thawed and ready to go. All you have to do is stick it in the oven and enjoy.

Winter Park Resort’s opening day is in just over forty days, and the flakes are already flying. From the looks of it, we may have a record-breaking early ski season here in Winter Park. Get your turkey gobblin’ family on up here for a Thanksgiving ski trip! Check out all our Winter Park Thanksgiving lodging or call us at 1-877-329-1383 or email us seven days a week to book.

October 7th, 2009

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Powder skiing in Winter Park ColoraqdoColorado Ski Deals

The recession has officially knocked the ski industry back on it’s heels and now is the time to get some skiing and lodging deals. This is from a Denver Post article about deals that ski resorts are offering to get guests back up to the hills in numbers like the 2007/08 ski season.

Vail Resorts is actually selling the idea that now that the economy is in the dumps they will give you a hamburger that is now a deal for the $8.75 to $11.00 that you were paying last year and the years before.  Well, before this economic crash we deserved to eat a sub par, expensive hamburger while skiing on crowded slopes.  Thank you Vail for now treating us with a little more dignity now that no one wants to buy your overpriced food.

I have a better idea than going back to the still overpriced burger.  Come up to Winter Park Resort and save money on lift tickets, restaurants/bars , activities and don’t reward those that were overcharging and under serving in the first place.  Winter Park is Colorado’s favorite.  If you want to splurge on lodging, skiing, dining it is all here to do that.  If  you would like to save some money and ski the most snow at any of the Colorado destination resorts then Winter Park is also your place!

Winter Park Lodging Company will try to save each and every guest as much money as it can on your Colorado ski vacation.  That is how we have done it last year and the year before and the year before that.  Check out our discounts page and see how much we can save you on your ski trip.  Snowmobiling, dog sled ride, horse drawn sleigh rides and restaurant discounts are all here.

Our Winter Park lodging selection is large and our service can not be matched! And we will not tell you that we sold you an over priced, sub-quality burger next year.

October 6th, 2009

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