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We’ve got 2 Sushi restaurants in Winter Park now…a new one opened 2 weeks ago. Chris and I got my parents to watch the twins and checked in out Saturday night. Great sushi, average atmosphere would be the quick summary. Too bright – they need to turn the lights down a bit. I wanted to tell them but Chris said it is poor manners to say that to a Japanese restaurant owner so I didn’t broach the subject.

We did get to talk to the sushi bar chef. His name was Richard but really Tho. Nice guy from Tiawan. He wanted to talk to us a lot as there were only 3 other parties there. I attributed that to the ski resort not being open yet, but we stopped at Tabernash Tavern to get a drink on the way home (not because we are alcoholics but because we had only used up 1 hour of our time and wanted to stay out!). The Tavern was absolutely busting at the seams. We couldn’t even get a seat at the bar. So, try the Tavern but if you’re in the mood for sushi, the new Sushi King is a good option. I got my salmon fix!

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