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Winter Park Spring Skiing

What is the best time of year to ski in Colorado?  That is a question that we hear regularly hear in Winter Park.  And my answer is always spring!  To be specific it is mid march until the end of ski season in mid April.  Colorado receives the most amount of snow in March and the temperatures are a little bit warmer.  Spring is in the air in March and April and there is the influx of the spring breakers, why go to a beach when you can have the fluffy white snow in the Colorado Rockies.

Ever skied the corn?  Well up here in Winter Park we usually don’t get the corn until late in April when our temperatures start to really heat up.

Corn is the name given to the large rounded snow structure the evolves from a melt and freeze cycle. The warm days melt the snow pack, form larger snow crystals and then refreeze at night leaving shapes like baby corn.

Know the conditions and try for the best corn skiing conditions. Don’t ski when it’s like a rock. Avoid the late afternoon melt when the conditions are a mess and it’s more like water skiing. You can manage this by following the sun. Ski east facing slops early, move on to the south slopes and then the west facing slopes to finish the day.

Here is the snow totals for Winter Park Resort last year:

2008 – 2009 Season
Snowfall (inches)
Percent of 30 yr. average
October 7 101%
November 34.6 56%
December 93.2 152%
January 73.5 113%
February 59.3 103%
March 41.2 63%
April 70 190%

Winter Park is north faced and holds a long season.  Last year with out 70′ inches of snow in April made it one of the best skiing months that I can remember here in Colorado.

Here is what one travel site says about Vail for spring skiing:

Second in size to Whistler Blackcomb, Vail is huge. Vail is a really crowded place during the season. Vail, with lots of sun exposure, is more erratic for late season skiing however.

March is one of the snowiest months of the year at ski resorts in the western US and Canada. You never know for sure where the skiing will be the best once March hits and spring begins but there are some places that are more reliable for snow seekers.

Look no further than Winter Park Resort for your spring skiing fix.  The snow is deep the temperatures are a little bit warmer and sun shines a little bit brighter.

Spring Splash is the celebration of the last day of the ski season here in Winter Park and it is a party that should not be missed.  So come on out and lets get ready for spring up here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains – Winter Park style.

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