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Snoasis - good views, bad food

Snoasis - good views, bad food

Snoasis is the 70’s looking structure right before the lifts at the base of Cranmer and the Alice in Wonderland runs at Winter Park.   It’s a great spot to sit on the lounge chairs and watch the extreme terrain park stunts, but it is not the place for food. 

We found this out the hard way today when we joined our friends for lunch.  I asked Chris to get me a Grilled Cheese thinking – how bad can that be? It was worse than my 6th grade cafeteria circa 1979.  Two slices of stale white bread, a few slaps of processed cheese grilled for a minute with some butter.  Yucky. I love cheese and I love bread, but I couldn’t get thru half of it. The fries weren’t much better.  And I didn’t ask Chris, but I’m sure it cost an arm and a leg.

So, take our advice, and enjoy a cold one on the lounge chairs outside, but don’t even bother going inside the 70s dome otherwise known as Snoasis.  Rather, take the lift up to Sunspot and get the good stuff…or at least our favorite – the coffee and cookie.  Miles better than the icky lunch we had today.

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