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Winter Park Resort Bump Skiing from CHRIS BRADFORD on Vimeo.

The conditions have been amazing so far this year and another storm has been dropping lots of the fluffy white on Winter Park again.  The roads up to Winter Park may e a little harry for this time of year but the skiing is absolutely divine.  Most of Winter Park is open for the turkey day holiday and a good chunk of Mary Jane will also be available to all the Fraser Valley guests.  Ms. little La Niña has been very good to Colorado especially all the resort in the Northern part of the state.  It is looking lke this La Niña weather will be sending powdery quick storms through this area quite frequently this year.

Here is what is saying about the weather pattren this year:

A La Niña SST pattern (much stronger now) is here for the fall/ winter, through possibly the season following (through 2012). This usually means near to just above average snowfall for northern Colorado resorts and near to just below average snowfall for southern Colorado resorts.

We are way above average so far this year so lets hope the La Nina this year makes up El Nada (El Niño) of early season of last year.

The above video was shot on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving with an unexpected blue sky day and great snow conditions.  The weather forcast was calling for more snow but the day was sunny with no wind but a little chilly at about ten degrees.

The runs being skied in the video are Golden Spike to what I call Upper Arrowhead.  Great views and some steep rocky outcroppings that always has stashes of un-skied snow even on some of the busiest days shhhhhh…. don’t tell anybody.  At the bottom of this run is what we call the “hero bumps”.  Usually perfectly formed  bumps with a near perfect fall line with a not to steep verticle makes for bumps that lets you ski like a “hero”.

Anywho, hope Y’all like the video and it gets the skiing juices pumping.  If anyone can name the artist of the accompanying music there is a prize from Winter Park Lodging Company for you. Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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