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ski broker Well,  I did it. I finally bought a new snowboard. I’ve been riding on the same one for five years now, and while it    was a very sturdy, balanced, reliable board, it was time for an upgrade. (I promise this blog is not just a justification of my purchase to avoid buyer’s remorse).

So, after contemplating, researching, and saving pennies, I called Ski Broker in Fraser (one of their three locations) to ask if I could pretty please borrow a demo board to try out and possibly purchase (demo boards are brand new models that ski and snowboard companies send over to rental shops so customers can try out this year’s new gear). When Alissa, one of many knowledgable and helpful staff members, heard I was interested in buying, she went above and beyond to track down a board that would be perfect for me. With the help of Alissa, Paul (owner, check out his story:, and Jamie (who assured me a snowboard was a necessity), I am now looking at a brand new Arbor Push snowboard. When it finally snows here, I’ll absolutely take a picture on the slopes to show it off :)

When I am about to spend half my rent money on a snowboard, I want to purchase one from someone who I know, trust, and is passionate about skiing and snowboarding themselves. Isn’t that what you want when you’re renting gear or having someone polish and tune up your own gear? Well, good news, that’s exaclty what you’ll find in our local, family owned Ski Broker. These guys do it all: they have a fantastic selection of rentals (of everything, including snowshoes and clothing) and gear for purchase, as well as extensive tunes and repairs. Check out their website for everything they have to offer: Since we trust them so much we wanted to share them with our guests, so don’t forget that when you book with us you receive 22% off your rentals at Ski Broker!

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