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The new skate park in Hideaway Park downtown has been a huge hit with the local kids of Winter Park. I think this is the 2nd summer since it opened and (since I’m not much of a skater myself) I’ve been a little surprised to see how popular it is. I walk past it often on my way to and from work and it’s usually packed with people on bikes and skateboards.

The first Skate Park Event is coming up this June 20 from 11am-3pm. There will be demonstrations and lessons by a group called the Yellow Designs Stunt Team, plus music and food.  If you sign up for a skateboarding lesson you’ll receive a free t-shirt, too.  Call the Fraser Metropolitan Recreation District at 970.726.8968 to sign up. There will be an opportunity to skate or bike along with the Yellow Designs Stunt team or, if you’re like me,  you can just watch and eat the food…

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