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We love our owners (and they tell us that they love us!).  We are a full service vacation rental management company owned by Chris and Sarah Bradford. We have been renting personally owned condos to skiers and mountain bikers for years and have experienced the challenges of the rental management  ourselves. In 2005 we decided to offer a new model for owners to maximize your rental income and have a good experience doing so.

We now manage over one hundred condos, homes & town homes at the base of Winter Park Resort, in downtown Winter Park and in Fraser. Over the past several years we’ve seen great success and have grown to a  team of ten dedicated and enthusiastic staff members who are experts at providing outstanding guest services and trained in the best practices of sales.

Our goal is to ensure that all of our guests and have an experience beyond their expectations (in a good way!) and to a provide a profitable and pleasant experience for owners. We market your property, book guests, and handle everything from guests checking in to any issues that may arise.

We’d be happy to answer your questions about our services, so feel free to call us at (877) 761-5342 or email us today.

How we are different from other property management companies:

We encourage our owners to use their homes throughout the year and it’s easy to block dates with our online calendar.

We let you look into our rentals. Our easy-to-use online owner calendar lets you easily see when we’ve booked your property, enables you to block dates for personal stays, view occupancy, and your monthly statements.

We give you the option to receive an automated email from us you every time a new booking is made in your property.

We’re small and we get to know you.  We like for guests to know they are renting a family’s second home so they treat it well. We deal with any issues or questions you have quickly and politely.

We require each guest to purchase a security deposit waiver. This small fee covers the guest for up to $1500 in accidental damages. Why is this better than the traditional security deposit? Because if the guest damages the property and they report it, we find it or you report it, we get it fixed and you aren’t charged and neither is the guest. Makes for happy owners…and happy guests.

We speak with each guest on the phone and screen them to be sure they are the right renter for your property. When a guest books online, we always call and speak with them directly.

We have a sophisticated marketing plan which includes a high degree of internet marketing, and a large previous guest list and contact list that we market to on a monthly basis

We charge a low commission which includes EVERYTHING – linen service, cleaning, supplies, and any accidental damages the guest causes.

Contact us today

For more information, contact us toll free at (877) 761-5342 or email owners@winterparklodgingcompany.com to hear more about how we can help you maximize your rental income while keeping a smile on your face when you visit your cherished second home!

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