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Back Country Cat Skiing Winter Park, Colorado

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company were able to finally get out and take our first, this year, snow cat skiing trip with Powder Addiction.  Some very fun skiing and we had great weather and snow conditions.  The trip was full with eleven guys and a gal with the cat driver and two powder guides.  It was Winter Park local day at Powder Addiction.

It was almost everyones first trip cat skiing and there were some serious rippin’ skiers and boarders for all being newbies.  The guides were Greg, Hogo with Mr. Adam Burke taking the control of the snow cat.  I didn’t get all the names of the ski crew but I know I was there with, Pam, Nigel, Dave (dt), Paul, Pete birthday boy), Ryan, CW and Jeremy.  I think we did about ten runs and we were all pretty worked at the end of the day.  As I said it was a great day of skiing.

Tee above video was shot with the Contour HD 1080p helmet cam.  The compression that You Tube does doesn’t do the quality of footage justice.  Anywho, take a watch of the ski video I hope it gets you psyched to do some skiing.  Most of the footage in the video is shot on the lower half of Jones Pass as I think tree skiing come across a little better on video.  Artists on the video are Sun 60, X, Jesus and the Mary Chain and The Sugarcubes.

If you have not been Cat Skiing or haven’t been up to Jones Pass with Powder Addiction you are missing out.  Just an hour drive from Denver this is some of the best skiing to be found in all of Colorado.  As Warren Miller says” if you don’t do it this year, you will just be another year older when you do”.


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