Polestar Pilates


Owner and instructor Sarka Ruzickova, ex-professional skier, ex-mountain bike athlete, and now coach, realized a passion for Pilates while overcoming her own injuries. Through this realization, Sarka was inspired to help others achieve a better well being through the movements of Pilates. 

Sarka has recently opened her own Polestar Pilates Studio in the Fraser Valley.


Polestar Pilates Studio of Winter Park is located in downtown Fraser on the Winter Park free shuttle route.

535 Zerex Street, Unit 206
Fraser, CO 80442


Intro: Introductory to Pilates class, free for newcomers.

Reformer 101: A reformer is a resistance adding Pilates machine. This class focuses on form, alignment, and a baseline of Pilates fundamentals.

Beginner/Intermediate Reformer: This class steps away from the basics, becoming more complex with intermediate exercises focused on a steady flow.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer: This class adds advanced exercises, increased repetition, coordination, balance, and resistance. Previous experience required.

Jump Board: High-intensity, cardio based reformer class. Be ready to sweat!

Circuit: Circuit through all of the Pilates equipment including reformer, chair, barrel, mat, and more.

Chair Class: Touted as the most challenging and athletic category of Pilates. Many exercises require the ability to bear weight on your hands.

Pilates Arch: Focus on core and spine flexibility.

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For additional questions visit polestarstudio.com/winterpark/