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Pedal assisted bikes at Winter Park ResortBattery Powered Bikes in Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park Base Rentals is offering pedal assisted bikes for travel on paved surfaces.  This makes for a great trip on the Fraser RIver Trail down into the town of Winter Park with a pedal assisted return.

These bikes are perfect for those not acclimated to the altitude, not wanting to break a sweat or just not in good enough shape to pedal back up the hill to Winter Park Resort.  These bikes are powered with a lithium-ion battery with a range of around 20 miles.

Bikes can also be rented with a Burley, kid chariot, to take the little ones around in style.

Check out Winter Park Resorts pedal assist bike video on YouTube.

The whole family no matter from what altitude or their physical conditioning can now take the Fraser River Trail all the way from Winter Park Resort to the town of Fraser with little exertion. A trip to Safeway could even be thrown in with the pedal assistance helping out with the long slog of the groceries.

 Check out the pedal assist bike selection right next to the Human Maze at the Winter Park Resort Base.

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