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winter park resort moose sightingMoose at Winter Park Resort

My sister Anne-Marie and her husband Larry  celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary with a ‘Moose Class’ through Ecoadventures, using room 2419 at the Zephyr as their home base. Anne took the class for credit for her career as a teacher, Larry opted for non-credit (wouldn’t do him much good as a flight simulator tech).

Using Zephyr Mountain Lodge 2419 as a base of operation was far superior to tent camping in the rain, which is what many of the class participants were doing. While others were slogging around their tents, Anne and Larry were high and dry, enjoying a glass of wine from their balcony.

The moose class taught reams of minutiae about moose and the class was successful in spotting 5 moose. Also, thanks to the tip from the maintenance man with whom Anne and Larry shared an elevator, Anne and Larry kept their eyes open at the base of Berthoud Pass and spotted 2 more moose on the way home!

All in all, a very memorable 27th wedding anniversary.

Anne and Larry say thanks to Chris and Sarah at Winter Park Lodging Company.

The only regret was not being able to stick around for the CrankWorx bike extravaganza at Winter Park Base that weekend.

Come on up to Winter Park Resort and check out the moose.  Late summer and fall are the best times to see the moose.  In Rendezvous sub-division moose sighting are very very common and one big bull moose over there has been affectionately named Freddy the moose.

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