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I was reading up on the best ski resorts for bumps and I came across a top ten list of mogul ski resorts.  This is from and I think their list is pretty much right on besides Winter Park being right behind Taos.  I have skied all the resorts on this list besides the two in the East.

In fact, four of the resorts on this list are on my top five Colorado ski resorts.  Taos is a very nice ski destination indeed, with some great steeps and good bumps but it is really not in the class of bump skiing here at the Jane.  I have to say  that none really compare to Mary Jane with it’s deeps, steeps, powder, The Chutes and the famous Elevator Chutes.

Here is what the Mountain Yahoos have to say about our beloved madam of the night Ms. Mary Jane:

“The Mary Jane (part of the Winter Park resort), dedicates itself to moguls. You can find moguls on the entire mountain. This is the break down of the trails:

  • Expert Only: 1% (Double black diamond)
  • Most Difficult: 57% (Black diamond)
  • Advanced: 22% (Blue-Black)
  • Intermediate: 19% (Blue)
  • Beginner: 1% (Green)”

I also found another ranking of best bump/mogul resorts for Colorado and I very much agree with this list from D Bahr of Regis University.  His explanation of how he feels about Vail could not be said better: “Vail. Ok, go ahead and shoot me. I know you love it, but I don’t. It’s boring and expensive. There, I said it.”  And about Breckenridge: “Breckenridge. Used to have the advantage of being a real town, but like much of the I-70 corridor, it has been overrun and condo-ized. Oh, and the skiing sucks. Flat and boring. Sorry.”

Well there you have it.  If you are wanting to ski the best bumps, trees or have some of the best snow in Colorado, Winter Park and specifically Mary Jane is the place to be.

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