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Mary Jane Powder, Bumps & Trees

It is time for another Winter Park Lodging Company ski video.  We have been getting so much great snow this year the video opportunities have been close to endless.  We have not been crushed by a huge storm this year in Winter Park but we have been getting a steady flow of good shots of moisture.  It’s been 10 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 13 inches of snow about two to three days each week.  Truly, this has been the best start to a ski season that I have seen in the last fifteen years.

Anywho, the above video is another after about eight inches of snow on a really cold day.  Temperature high for the day was maybe 5 degrees at Winter Park Village.  It was so cold the snow was screeching at us and was kinda sticky.  I finally had someone else wear the camera besides me and Mr. Ed was the lucky guy who got to film my exploits.  We skied Little Ten under the Challenger lift and Rainbow Cut on the video.

Demo skis were from the Mountain Adventure Center in the Winter Park Village and courtesy of Winter Park Resort Base Rentals – Thank You!  Ed and I were both on Salomon Shoguns.  A little rippen’ ski that liked the powder and wanted to turn a bunch.  With the cold temps and sticky snow it was a little tough telling what the ski could do until later in the day.

The song is Road Rage by Catatonia, an old favorite, and iI think it kind of gets the mood of the skiing that day.  The movie was created in iMovie by Apple.

Hope you enjoy the video and it gets the skiing juices going enough to head up to Winter Park and Mary Jane and hit the slopes.  If you are looking for lodging up in the Winter Park area make sure to Winter Park Lodging Company a shout.

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