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New Restaurant On The Slopes Of Mary Jane

Lunch Rock Restaurant, winter park resortExciting news for the upcoming 2014/15 season at Winter Park Resort: a brand new Lunch Rock will be opening it’s doors at the summit of Mary Jane.

Out with the old and in with the new, was definitely the theme of this exciting new development at Winter Park Resort.  

In a nutshell, the characterful but outdated (and outgrown!) Lunch Rock Cafe is no more…and the new and improved 16,000 ft Lunch Rock Restaurant is currently under construction.  

As more and more skiers flock to the Jane Side to access Parsenn Bowl, Vasquez Ridge, The Cirque, Eagle Wind and the bumps of Mary Jane, it became clear to the management at Winter Park Resort, that skiers really needed a better equipped meeting and eating spot on the Jane Side.   The new Lunch Rock Restaurant will feature an expansive 150 seat sun deck, and 250 seat indoor restaurant and bar, set inside a stunning structure that reflects the mountain elements and history of Winter Park.  Constructed of steel, wood & stone, the restaurant design will feature beetle kill pine, and energy saving strategies that support the resort’s eco-friendly policies.

In the words of Gary DeFrange, President & COO of Winter Park Resort:

“We wanted a bigger facility,” says Gary DeFrange, President and COO of Winter Park Resort. “But as we thought about what this facility should be, we wanted to make sure we stayed with the tradition, so the building needed to look like it belonged and it needed to look like it was really something we would build at Mary Jane. As you look at the architecture, you’ll see that.”

Although most visitors will enjoy the Lunch Rock Restaurant during a well deserved mid day break from skiing, the facility will also be available for weddings, retreats and corporate events.

See the whole story, and view a short film of the conceptualization and construction of the Lunch Rock Restaurant at


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