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Skiing and Eating at Mary Jane

The crazy, crazy season for Winter Park Lodging Company is on the down side of the hill for this holiday season.  So, I was able to get out and spent an entire day on the slopes at Mary Jane/ Winter Park on New Year’s day.  There was 11 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours and the sun was out, lets hope all of 2010 is just like this, and I guess all the Winter Park visitors were too hung over hit the slopes as there were very short lines at the lifts.  Seemed like it was a Monday in the middle of January the lines were so short.  All around it was a very good New Year’s Day.

I was out skiing with my doctor buddy Mr. Steve Worth and one of Winter Park Lodging Company’s home owners Mr. Frank Jedlicka.  We three made a good skiing crew wanting to hit the bumps but not break any of our over 40 year old bones.  At mid-day both Frank and Steve suggested we hit the Mary Jane Club Car for lunch.  I, being my typical weary self, was not so keen on eating at the on mountain eatery.  I was wanting a Cosmic Dog Burrito but the plan was to spend the whole day on the slopes, so here we come Club Car.  We walked right up got a nice table in the sun on the Club Car deck and three barley pops were on the table in no time.  We had some potato chips with blue cheese dressing, an attainable  new years resolution being to gain weight, and three burgers for lunch.  Meal was filling, tasty and served quickly, all that you can ask for with a ski lunch.

After the meal we had another brew and chatted, and in the background we noticed the absolute worst collection of songs being played through the outdoor speakers.  It wasn’t just that it was bad, it was that it was really really bad and at a high enough volume that once it was noticed you could not stop noticing it.  We asked our very friendly server about the music and she whole heartedly agreed that it was beyond bad.  She also mentioned that they have had complaints about some offending songs such as Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine”, so the higher ups were a little gun shy about any controversial music (Eric Clapton on the cutting edge? Who would have known).  The tables around us soon took notice and a conversation ensued about how out of place the music being played was.  I would describe the genre of music as really bad Bobby Brown and Back Street Boys type music.  And yes, I will have to say that I do not think this even classifies as music.  But here we were stuck waiting to see if the next song we could recognize or would it continue to drive us off this prized deck seating.  Well, the music won and we were back on the Super Gauge lift trying to forget that buzz-kill music.  So bless that soul who chose the collection of Bobby Brown B sides for getting me back on the slopes and off my arse for a whole day of darn good skiing.

Anywho, it was a great New Year’s Day and I would like to thank Bobby Brown and the  Back Street Boys for my sore legs today.

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