Ski Lockers At Winter Park Resort

Let's be honest, a day of skiing with the family requires more equipment than the average Joe could possibly fathom. It's normally when you're trying to scale the steps of the free shuttle in your slippery ski boots (two pairs of your kids' skis clutched in your hands and a helmet & backpack hanging from your clenched teeth) that the penny drops.....renting a locker at the ski area is worth every penny!


Small Lockers - Find these in the West Portal building near ski rentals, upstairs near the Child Care Center, at Balcony House and in the rentals area of the Village.

  • $8 per day - these hold a pair of shoes or purse.
  • $10 per day - these will hold two pairs of ski boots.
  • $15 per day - these will hold four pairs of ski boots and four helmets. These will also hold small suitcases instead of ski gear.

Payment is per day and you can leave items in overnight. Lockers are first come, first served and tend to sell out. You pay for these at the white kiosk machine and only debit & credit cards are accepted.

Large Lockers (ski size) - Find these in the West Portal building.

  • $20 per day - these hold four pairs of skis and four pairs of boots.

Payment is per day and you can leave items in overnight. You can reserve these ahead of time, which is recommended, because they fill up quickly, especially during holidays. Call 970.726.1684 to reserve.

Please Note: If you rent skis from the Resort, they don't give you a locker for use, but you can take your rentals back to them at the end of the day and they will hold them for you. The will only hold skis, not boots or helmets.

All rates detailed above are subject to change.  For the most up to date Winter Park Resort locker fees, please call 970-726-1684.

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