Kelly, our friend and guide on the slopes

Kelly, our friend and guide on the slopes

Our friend Kelly, a 20-year local in Winter Park, gave us a tour of the mountain this week. We thought we knew the resort well until then.  As we were skiing down easy greens we have skied countless times, Kelly would veer off into the trees in what seemed randome until we followed him and realized we were in a great open area of powder.   I wish I could tell you exactly where these spots were but Kelly swore us to secrecy. 

The secret for you is to find a local on a lift and follow them or ask them to show you these spots.  Or watch the ski patrol – they also were in these areas so they obviously play around there too. Most are happy to let you in on the secret as long as you don’t blog about it. :)

And you may wonder what’s up with Kelly’s gloves. That’s another local thing he told us – to get those cheap gloves he’s wearing at Ace Hardware in town ($20 max) and then spray them to waterproof.  Everyone writes different words on theirs so they can find them when all the locals are hanging out at the Pub after skiing and the gloves are in a pile.  Kelly is “PUNK ROCK” as you can see. 

Thanks for a great day on the slopes, Kelly!

February 27th, 2009

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