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Lime Winter Park ColoradoWe had a chance this past Saturday to visit the Winter Park Village Lime location.  We had just done some checking out of the Crankworx Festival.  We met some friends so there ended up being about fifteen of us with all the kids.  Our waitress was great, especially considering all the little ones we had running around, and she got out kids quesadilla out in no time at all.  We then had some beers and margaritas and they were fantastic.  But then came our over an hour wait for the adults food.  Oh boy, I don’t know if anything is as painful as waiting for food with twin 2 year olds.  Once the food was there it was serviceable but, Yo Lime kitchen, lets get a move on and try to get food out within a half our at least.  Lets hope this was all an aberration and not the norm because most people won’t deal with long food waits more than once.  Anywho, we will give them some more shots sans twins and we will see if they have things figured out.

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