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Lime Winter Park Colorado

Lime in Winter Park Will Open for Ski Season

Lime in Winter Park will open back up for this coming 2009/10 ski season.  After having liens from Intrawest on their front door for non-payment of rent for the last year they have now negotiated some kind of settlement and will open back up sometime next week.  This we hear from an unnamed Intrawest employee.  Could we have a Grand County version of the AIG bailout? Too big to fail in in Winter Park Village?  I guess if you are 50% of the market, as Lime was last year in Winter Park Village, that is pretty darn big. Well, kudos to Lime.  I would have missed their Taco Tuesday and they have very good margaritas.

We will now have four restaurants in the Village this year:  Cheeky Monk, Lime, Goody’s and The Back Bowl Soup Company.  Oh yes, lets not forget Doc’s, Intrawest’s eatery in the Zephyr Mountain Lodge building.  So that gives us five eateries or bars,  almost New York like.  All kidding aside, it should be a much more happening base now we are getting some fill in of the new village space.

As a former restaurant person I have some suggestions for Lime for the coming year and take it or leave it as it’s only my humble opinion.  First and foremost, make sure your employees want to be in Winter Park.  When your bartender tells you he hates Winter Park and can’t wait to leave, it leaves a sour taste in your mouth, especially for those of us that get to live in this paradise.  Hire a manager that will stick around for more than two months.  Figure out how to keep the cold air from freezing the patrons when the front door opens.  Winter Park/Fraser has been known as the ice box of the nation for years, I hope that somehow went into construction planning.  Lastly, if you have an open display kitchen make it worthy of being on display.  If not, build a wall and hide the mess.  Again, just the restaurant side of my brain wanting to help.

So, I guess a welcome back is warranted to Lime.  Glad you are back in the village and you will see me after a day of skiing at the bar with a beer and a shot of Patron.

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