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Teaching Your Kids to Ski at Winter Park, CO

We finally got our precious twin 2 year-olds out to the slopes at Winter Park Resort.  What took us so long you ask.  Well we waited until we had some nice spring like days with plenty of snow and warm, blue sky weather.  If we would have known how cool it would be seeing your children ski down the hill we may have had them out there a year ago.

We spent our first two days of ski learning and teaching experience at the base of Winter Park.  The first day we were on Mt. Maury with the Winter Park ski school classes.  I think from some of the comments that that hill is reserved for Winter Park ski school.  I think this is a better hill to teach kids on as everyone on this little hill looked to be under five years of age.  The second day we went over to Sorenson Park with all the big kids.  By day two Nicholas and Willem skied all the way down the hill by themselves.  Awesome is all I have to say.  No, they weren’t turning and they need help getting onto the magic carpet but these barely two year-olds skied down a hill all by themselves!  I could not have been prouder as some observers at Sorenson Park were cheering for the little tykes.  What a great day!

As you can see above Winter Park has wagons that are a great help in transporting the kids around the base.  It says on the wagon not to be used to go over the snow to Sorenson Park but we have been told by the Winter Park Hosts that it is OK to take the wagons over there.  There were three or four wagons at Sorenson when we arrived with ours.  Mt. Maury and Sorenson are just a short walk to Winter Park Base Rental ski shop and the Winter Park Market/Cafeteria.  The whole setup is very very convenient with the Winter Park Ski School right here as well.  Now you are asking why the heck didn’t we just put our little future skiing Olympians in ski school?  Well, the ski school will not take kids that are not potty trained.  And at the pace of our little ones they may be skiing black diamonds before they know how to use a toilet.

Next week we will attempt a chair lift ride up to Discovery Park.  We will keep you posted as to how that goes and if it goes at all like to today it will be one of the better days indeed.

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