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La Niña Ski Season 2011/12 Winter Park ResortWinter Park La Nina snow year.

She’s Baaaaack! The National Weather Prediction Center has made an updated outlook on the La Niña weather pattern for fall and winter 2011/2012.  Looking like we are in for another strong La Niña weather pattern bring some great snowfall.  Come on La Niña, you little b****.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center officially upgraded the La Nina Watch to a La Niña Advisory, which in essence means La Nina conditions are forecast to return for the fall and winter.

During September-November 2011, there is evidence that La Niña favors an increased chance of above-average temperatures across the mid-section of the country, and an increased chance of above-average precipitation for the Central and Northern Rockies.

Forecasters said La Niña contributed to extreme weather around the globe during the first half of this year and then faded, but has now re-emerged and is expected to gradually strengthen and continue into winter.

NOAA says there is a standing 50 percent chance of a secondary La Niña to follow a strong event as we had last winter. Usually the second dip is weaker than the first.

That said, last fall and winter didn’t really follow a typical La Nina script La Niña didn’t really rev up until February and March. Perhaps this winter could be different since we have a head start now.

So, it’s good news for skiers, snowboarders, and rain lovers. It’s not good news for the south because La Niña has the opposite effect of maintaining very dry weather there. La Niña‘s also typically enhance the hurricane season, as we’ve already seen this year.  If the La Niña of last year could be followed by another early one this year we will be looking at some great skiing.

Winter Park Resort had a great snow year last ski season with snow early and late combined a steady flow of storms.  We did not have that one huge storm that we have become accustom to but the good flow of storms more than made up for that.

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