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hor-sulphur-springs-winter-parkHave any of Y’all been out to Hot Sulphur Springs to relax in the mineral baths?  What a fantastic place!  These baths were originally discoverd by the Ute Indians who believed that they held natural healing powers.  Then they were acquired by William Byers, of Byers Peak fame, and the pools were turned into a resort that has been operating for the last 140 years. 

There are 22 pools varying in temperature from 95F to 112F.  No chemicals are added nor is the water re-circulated or filtered.  The water is drinkable straight from the springs if you can deal with some really hot water.  Tea anyone?  

There is a coupon on the resort’s website to save you a little bit of cash if heading that way.  The pools are located in Hot Sulpher Springs, very original name,  which is Grand County’s county seat.  Just on the other side of the town is Byers Canyon.  If heading to the mineral baths I recommend taking a drive through the canyon as it is breath taking in it’s beauty.  Continue west after the canyon and you will come to Parshall, population 48.  Here in the middle of nowhere sits the Parshall Inn.  A very cool old bar that serves up one of the best burgers in Colorado.  The place has been remodeled in recent years and is very family friendly.  Great place to quaff a few beers down after lounging in the hot springs.

This makes for a very fun day trip from Winter Park or Fraser.

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