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Powder…it’s a beautiful thing

Winter Park is having a phenomenal year with 133 inches of champagne powder falling from the skies, and cool temps keeping the snow fresh and light for days after each storm.   So, when the powder comes, where should you go to get deepest, freshest tracks possible?  We really couldn’t put it better than our friends at local television channel, TV 17, did in their Winter Park Insider’s Guide – Powder Skiing and Snowboarding.   This short film takes you on a whistle stop tour of WP’s favorite powder pockets from Vasquez Ridge, to the trees & shoots of Mary Jane, and the deep gladed runs of frontside and backside Parsenn Bowl.


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Learning to ski or ride powder does take a little practice and time, but as soon as you master the technique, you’ll never look back.   There are a hundred different ‘How To’ guides and You Tube videos out there offering tips and advice for new powder puppies; so rather than go through a step by step tutorial, we decided to go through our office and ask some of our fully fledged WPLCO powder dawgs their #1 top tip for shredding the sherbert.

Fun in the powder at winter parkCrystal: Reservations

‘When you’re on a board, you’ve got to keep some momentum up to avoid sinking down into the snow.  Look ahead and try to give yourself plenty of space around other skiers & riders.’

Sandie: Reservations

‘Never ever…ever, wear sunglasses in the powder.  It’s goggles or nothing…quite literally, after you’ve dropped your sunnies in the powder!’

Al Furlone: Property Care

‘Face the fall line and try to stay forward, it’ll keep you balanced and not fighting the snow.’

Steve Jones: Property Care Maintenance

‘Get there first!  When people go for the easiest stash, go the extra mile to reach the lesser travelled terrain.’

powder skiingMalina Lieven: Accounts

Consider renting a pair of nice fat powder skis for a day.  The latest powder skis feature a rockered tip, (that keeps your tips from burying into the deep snow) and a nice fat waist underfoot (to keep you floating).

Debs Bridge: Marketing

‘Take a slightly narrower stance, so that your skis form one wide platform to help you stay afloat.’

Valerie Wise: Reservations

‘Lean back a little more on your back foot to keep your nose up & out of the snow’

Chris Bradford: Owner

Lean back and point your shoulders where you want to go…which should be down the hill!’

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