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Some may think that fall in Winter Park, being a shoulder season in the mountains, is a time where we all sit around and long for the snow to start flying.  Those people are soooo wrong!! Winter Park has had the most glorious fall ever and I, for one, could live with another month of warm sunny days and cool clear nights, as long as it snows a bunch in November.  I hope the weather gods agree. 



Here are a few of the fun things I have done this September and hope to do in October:

Elk Viewing —  We made a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park one evening last week to see the elk and listen to them bugle.  We go every year, but it is always exciting to see and hear them. It amazes me how  they are not bothered by the people a bit.  We had a few walk within 10 yards of us.  The ranger said that the elk usually hang out in the meadows for 5 weeks, so there is still plenty of time to get out there to see them.

Fall Foliage —  The Aspen trees are in their prime right now with all shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red.  In the sunshine, they look like a painting in the doctor’s office. Nothing will relax you more than a drive through the mountains to see the fall colors.

Golf — This is the best time of year to get out there and play 18, or even just 9 holes.  There are no crowds, the courses are in fabulous condition, you can get great deals, and the weather doesn’ t get any better.  Be sure to stock up on snacks and drinks before you head out as the cart girls have abandoned their carts to squeeze in a few rounds themselves before the snow flies. Pole Creek  (package rate available for our guests),  Headwaters at Sol Vista, or Grand Elk  are some fantastic courses for late season golf. 

Dog Cart Rides — The dogs like to run all year long and it is cool enough again for them to take you on an adventure.  You’ll ride in a cart instead of a sled, but it will still be exhilirating.  When your ride has finished be sure to stop in to Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park and see the puppies that just arrived last week! Our guests save 30% on cart rides, scooter rides and kennell tours this fall until November 24th. Click here for details.Up, Up & Away with Grand Adventure Balloon Tours in Winter Park

Hot Air Balloon Rides — What a great way to get up and see the folliage. Temperatures rise up to 40 degrees when you get high in the air, so you’ll be nice & toasty. Call Sue and Jack at Grand Adventure Balloon Tours to schedule the ride of your life, and get $10 off per person as a guest of Winter Park Lodging Company.  You have never experienced anything so peaceful as being up in a balloon!

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort — One of the best ways to enjoy the fall scenery, while getting a bit of well-deserved reSoak in the Healing Waters of Hot Sulphur Springsst & relaxation at the same time, is to take the scenic drive through Byers Canyon to the Hot Sulphur Springs Resort, located about 45 minutes from Winter Park in the town of Hot Sulphur Springs. Choose your favorite pool filled with natural hot spring water from out of the twenty or so pools of varying temperatures and sizes. The Native Americans frequented these springs for years and believed they had healing effects.

Mountain Biking with Bears –  well, not exactly. But we have been seeing quite a bit of wildlife, including bears, while on our mountain bike rides. Not only is it wonderful to be amidst the beautiful fall foliage on the trails, it’s exciting to know that you could see a moose, fox or bear around any bend in the trail. See more about a bear sighting or read about a recent moose sighting.

Maybe we’ll see you up here in our beautiful backyard this fall. We’ve got a list of lots of other fall activities in Winter Park & Grand County and would be happy to share some ideas with you. Give us a call at 970-722-0707 or 877-329-1383 or email us at anytime.

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