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Winter Park/ Fraser Rec Center

The Grand Park Community Rec Center is open and running.  We had a chance to visit the rec center this weekend and facility did not disappoint.  Nice work Y’all at the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District.  Most private fitness clubs I’ve seen can not match the the Rec Center’s finishes.  The place is a masterpiece!  There is now an escape from the long cold winters up here in Grand County.  A soak in the pool, hot tub or some time in the steam sauna will warm up the bones and get us all back on the the ski slopes very quickly.

The Rec Center has something for everyone but is just about perfect for the kids.  Day care, a water playground and a lazy river will provide hours of healthy entertainment for the young ones.  There are climbing walls, basketball courts and trampolines with a foam ball landing pit that looks just spectacular.  I may be gushing but I still can’t believe we have an asset this nice right here in Winter Park.

Follow the Rec Center happenings on their facebook page and become a member to enjoy their offerings year around.  Winter Park Lodging Company will offer our guests special discounted entry coupons so if you have any interest just ask.

Again nice work on the Grand Park Community Rec Center to all who had a hand in it’s creation!

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