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Grand Adventures, our local go-to for snowmobiling in Winter Park, has purchased brand new fleets of snowmobiles for the winter season! The new snowmobiles are 2 seater Yamaha Venture Lites (for guided tours) and 1 seater Yamaha Phazers (for unguided tours). Here are the specs, with translation for those of you who aren’t professionals: Phazers

Fourstroke: Quieter, more efficient, and larger than two stroke engines. Also, the professionals over at Grand Adventures tell me  you won’t get any of the fumes that come with two stroke engines.

Ergonomic: They are designed to fit your body, resulting in a super comfortable ride that requires less work from you.

Smoother acceleration: So you don’t have to deal with whiplash while you’re cruising on the continental divide at almost 12,000 feet

Heavier: In the words of the Grand Adventures professionals again, this means that the snowmobiles “won’t dance around, but will plow through the snow.”

AND, these new snowmobiles burn 1/2 as much fuel, making them more environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re quieter, making it easier for you to get a good look at all the wildlife you might run into.

Check out Grand Adventures’ website: for more information on rentals, tours, rates, and more. Snowmobiling really is one of the most fun ways to check out some incredible views of the mountains and Winter Park, not to mention being quite a bit easier than hiking up a mountain in the middle of winter. Have fun!

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