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Winter Park Colorado Aspen Trees

The weather will just not quit up here in Winter Park.  Each day seems to be a little better than the last and we haven’t seen the early Winter Park snow yet.

This weather is perfect for some autumn mountain bike riding.  I took the above pictures up at Rendezvous and in the Old Idlewild Ski Area which has become some of the best mountain bike riding riding around the Winter Park and Fraser area.  There is some tree cutting and a gas line being installed up in Rendezvous on Cross Trails so do take care is biking up there.

Lack of snow?  Oh do not fret this early.  Last year first snow was September 21st and the year before it was September 10th and both years were not the greatest of snow years.  Here is hoping that the snow does not come out of the gates too fast and then peter out.  We need a long stubborn winter with frequent wet storms….. say like a Winter Park La Nina winter.

As this perfect weather keeps on coming don’t be lured into complacency that ski season is not on it way.  Winter Park Resort ski season opens November 17th.  This should be an epic year with great snow and great times at Winter Park.

But as we have this incredible weather get outside hop on a bike and enjoy the sunshine, blue skies and some of the best mountain biking in all of the world.  Winter Park, Colorado…. what a glorious place to live.

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