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First snow contest Winter Park Lodging COGuess the Day of the First Measurable Snow in Winter Park, Colorado

The leaves have just started to turn here in WP and that means it is time for the first measurable snow contest. This the fourth Winter Park Lodging Company first measurable snow contest and we hope it brings some storms like we see in the picture to the left.

Rules of the first snow contest are:

Respond to this post with your guess on what date we will have the first measurable snow in Winter Park and you can win a FREE Winter Park season pass! If you’re the only one to guess that date, you win it outright. Otherwise, we’ll pick a winner out of a hat of all of those who guessed that date. Only catch: Must have 250 guesses by the time the snow falls in order to reward the prize. Hint: it has snowed as early as August in the past…

One guess per person please and the guess must be 48 hours before the actual snowstorm.  Measurable snow is more than a half inch.

So get out those crystal balls and give us your best guess and while you are at it let us all know if we are going to have a good snow year.  As of today Aug 22 there are 26 guesses on the Winter Park Lodging Company Facebook Page so we need 224 more guesses and you can win a free Winter Park/Mary Jane Resort season pass.

Last year, 2011, the first snow was October 6th with a small snow storm.  In 2010 first snow was rather late with an October 12th blizzard.  2009 brought us first snow on September 21st and 2008 was early with a September 10th date.  Last year I predicted September 15th and was off by almost a month.

So everyone put your Winter Park Resort Trail-maps in the freezer for good luck (and to make the snow gods happy) and get your snow dance on.  I will start things off with the fist snow prediction for ski season 2012/2013.
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.