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Today’s hectic pace of life can sometimes leave little room for precious family time.   But the good news is, you don’t need to move mountains to bring the family together, just find a window in your calendar and move the family to the mountains…at least for a short while.

Winter Park’s breathtaking scenery,  jaw-droppingly gorgeous mountain homes, and easy mix of high action pursuits and peaceful pastimes, make it the perfect place to reconnect with your nearest and dearest.

We recently hosted a family reunion for Colleen Oakes (Author of Elly in Bloom) and her family at our gorgeous Rendezvous Friendship Cabin here in Winter Park; here’s what she had to say….

The Ranunculus Adventures

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Summer Family Reunion at the Rendezvous Friendship Cabin

About a year ago, Ryan’s sister and I got talking on our yearly visit out there.  We were lamenting how we were envious of families that got together once a year in different locations and spent time together.  I wish we lived closer to Katie and Jerry, especially now that we have a child (still a shock!) and we would like the cousins to be close as they grow older and become each other’s playmates.  As we were eating dinner, I looked over at Katie and said, “Why don’t we just BECOME one of those families?”I mean, seriously, isn’t that all it takes?  Just a decision to become people who get together once a year in various locations and make family memories together? Yes, yes, it was happening.  I was determined. And why not start in the best place of all, our hometown of Colorado, and in one of the most beautiful and famous places in Colorado: Winter Park.
I began searching VRBO since I had such good luck with that in finding our AMAZING home in Kauai, but since I was looking late, it seemed like everything was booked up. In desperation, I finally stumbled across the Winter Park Lodging Company, and began seeing all my dream cabins for a family vacation in one place, at #27, The Rendezvous Friendship Cabin.  When I called them, they were so accommodating and were able to find us the perfect cabin, even though we (uh, I) was really behind the ball on booking ahead.

Of course, Colorado is famous for it’s fabulous ski resorts and snow-covered winter wonderlands, but a little secret among native Coloradoans is that Colorado is the best in the summer, especially the mountains.
I LOVE visiting the mountains in the summer, because there is so much to do!  If you aren’t a skier, like me, you should plan on visiting Colorado in the summer and not the winter. It’s perfect weather, there are a ton of things to do, and you can find fantastic rates on lodging, like our lodging that we found through the Winter Park Lodging Company.
Our cabin is located in the Rendezvous complex, which is a gorgeous collection of homes just up the road from the Fraser River Trail.  The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and it seems like each home has a picturesque view of the mountain range and green ski trails, now hosting downhill mountain bikers and hikers galore.

After a rough drive (a gruesome traffic jam that lasted 45 minutes, LittleM’s first major road trip and a big altitude change for him!), we arrived at this picturesque house on a scenic hill that overlooks all of Winter Park.

The inside is exactly what you want in a Colorado cabin: woodsy, clean and cozy, all at once.   I’ll be posting more pictures of the cabin tomorrow, but here is the amazing kitchen:

I know. Suddenly, I don’t want to live in my house anymore.  The air up here is a crisp 70 degrees right now, and there is a gorgeous mountain breeze blowing through.  It’s heaven.  Tonight we are grilling salmon, dining outside and then the adults are having some wine and hot tub time while looking at the stars.

Oh yeah.  Baby. Mountains. Family. Cabin. Moscato.  Life is pretty good this week.

For more articles and writing from Colleen Oakes, visit The Ranunculus Adventures.

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