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A Pretty Buck in Rendezvous Today

Mountain Biking with Bears in Winter Park CO

The wildlife is out in Winter Park this time of year and we have been having a lot of moose sightings and now the bears are making their presence known.

The above bear was photographed just off of Zoom trail over by Winter Park Resort and was just off the mountain bike trail.  Looks like Mr, Bear is rummaging around looking for some berry snacks.  Last week it was a moose on the Winter Park area bike trail that I almost ran into.

The bears have been making a lot of appearances around Winter Park the last few weeks.  From what I have been reading the experts are saying it is because of a mediocre berry growing season in Colorado this year.

Anyway, there are lots of critters out there to be seeing up in Winter Park this year.  The aspens are turning to their famous gold and the air has gotten chilly.  So now is the time to come a view the moose, bears , fox and all the other critters as well as the trees.  This make the mountain biking all the better when you get to look out for the animals as well as the rocks and trees.

Get outside and get your rides in while the weather is perfect.

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