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aspenJust drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend, and had a great surprise. The Aspen are beginning to turn colors. There’s nothing as brilliant as an Aspen grove in full glowing gold. The drive up 40 through Empire affords leaf peepers great views of Aspen intermingled with the evergreen. Continuing on to the Park you will see some gorgeous views between Granby and Grand Lake.

It’s also the time of year for the elk to start making their way down into the valley. We were lucky enough to see a herd of elk way up at the top. The bull was gigantic and made the females run when he bugled. In the next few weeks, they should be down in the valley just inside the Park. It is a great place to view them, since they are very close to the road and not really bothered by people. Best time to go is early evening, just before dusk. Bundle up, it gets cold once the sun goes down and you won’t want to leave.  September is a gorgeous time of year in Winter Park, be sure to make your reservation to come up and enjoy the colors and wildlife. Give us a call to book 877 329 1383.

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