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It wasn’t so very long ago that snowboards were considered a ‘flash in the pan’ craze, and skiing powder in a head band and sunglasses was a really good idea.    As skiing and snowboarding professionals continue to push the limits of what is possible in these sports, the snow industry also evolves to produce new products, some of which will stick, and some of which will end up in a ‘yard sale’.

Take a look at some of the new products on the market for 2013/14 below; we’ll leave you to decide, fad or fab?

Injinji Ski Socks


Injinji Performance Toe Socks

Injinji Inc. have actually been in the foot business for close to 10 years, but only recently created a range of ski specific toe socks.  Here’s the scoop, Injinji believe that every day socks restrict our feet and toe mobility; by designing a sock with individual toe oers our toes can grip and splay, which not only promotes better balance & posture, but also reduces sweat build up that occurs in traditional models.

Now before you roll your eyes and relegate toe socks to your fad can, ask yourself this, how well do you type in mittens?

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body armor for skiingDemon Vest X D30

Snow parks continue to increase in popularity, and so too do the number of bruised ribs and battered coxis being nursed around town.  Enter the Demon Vest X D30.  This ultra lightweight and breathable vest offers flexible back protection, utilizing D30 shock absorption technology ( a special material that is soft and pliable until impact, upon which it instantaneously hardens).  Super low profile, the vest becomes a seamless part of your layering system on the mountain.  Match it with the Demon D30 short, and you’ll have your very own super hero suit hidden under those baggies.

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blue tooth helmets hit the markethead sensor bt runtastic

Some time in the last decade, a switch flipped in our brains and we decided that it might be a good idea to protect our noggins as we slide around a mountain on planks of wood.  Helmets are of course common place these days, but what about a helmet that utilizes the RUNTASTIC app, Bluetooth, fully functioning speakers, and a microphone. The RUNTASTIC app provides voice feedback on your speed, elevation, distance, route, heart rate data, and more.  And your bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music, call a friend, or send voice commands to your smartphone.   Oh yeah, and it protects your skull.

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bolle slide visor helmetbolle slide visor helmet

Spectacle wearers rejoiced when the goggle world started to enlarge their frames to increase peripheral vision (and inadvertently create space for a pair of specs).  A few years on we now have the visor helmet, a god send to those who just can’t jive with a traditional goggle frame.  At the forefront of the movement is long time eye wear leader Bollé with their Slide Visor Helmet.  Featuring all the usual bells and whistles of the modern helmet including adjustable airflow vents, ergonomic hypoallergenic liner, and injected abs, the Slide visor comes with two easily interchangeable lenses.

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goggles with pov cameraZeal ion pov cam goggles

It seems like every other skier on the mountain (yep, including 8 year old kids) has a Go-Pro strapped to their helmet these days.  If you want to record some sweet ski time, but want to stay a little more stealthy about it, check out the Zeal iON POV cam goggle. This stylish performance goggle has a built-in 1080p HD camera with a 170-degree field of view.  You can capture about 120 minutes of footage on an 8GB microSD card, the audio pickup is great, and it also shoots 8MP photos via controls that are positioned on the side of the mask.   As with most electronic gadget in the snow, the battery life is limited, generally lasting about 2.5 hours in the cold.

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