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 Haven’t tried “Disc Golf”?  You really should.  The object of the game is to throw small discs, similar to Frisbees, at a Disc Pole, also known as a basket or catcher(see photo to left) around 18 holes. Sound easy?  Not at all. You will need a variety of discs, including a driver, an all purpose mid-range, and a putter, in addition to some finesse. It  is similar to traditional golf, in that you are out in the fresh air taking a nice walk.  The Fraser Valley boasts 2 fantastic courses, one at Winter Park Resort, and the other at Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies.  

·        Snow Mountain Ranch Disc Course—This course is free and easy to access.  It winds through the hungry pine trees. Be careful,  they’ll eat your discs right up. Every hole pleases players with beautiful views of the mountains. With 16 of the 18 holes under 400 ft, this course is great for all ages and skill levels. 


·        Winter Park Resort Disc Course— A lift ticket and your discs are all you need to play this high altitude course. With the course set between 10,425’ and 10, 925’, this will most likely be the highest round of disc golf you will ever play. Once you catch your breath, you will enjoy majestic views of the divide and the valley below. This is more of a course for intermediate to expert players, with 11 of the 18 holes over 400’, 3 of which are over 900’.


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