Design With Dori

Looking for some design inspiration? Look no further than designer extraordinaire, Dori Weiss, who we work closely with to bring your vacation rental decor dreams to life. She's magically transformed some of our most coveted homes into sought after vacation rentals.

This is a unique time to consider new design for your vacation rental as owners and travelers alike share a deeper desire to elevate the space around them. We all have a common goal in this endeavor; we want to increase value and revenue for your vacation rental. Individually you want it to reflect aspects of your taste, style, and comfort. Together the result will have your photos create a truly engaging, exciting, upgraded invitation to those seeking their special vacation experience. Below are local homes that are all reflective of having achieved that goal. Some have been completely re-conceived and redesigned and some have a mix of what was working with what was calling out for change." - Dori Weiss

Arrow was a unique challenge as the modern, architectural design was so vastly different for Winter Park. The owners were willing to embrace that difference and that made this an extremely creative endeavor.

This is an example of a wonderful collaboration with owners who were interested in changing their style and in making a real commitment to original art. We did both, choosing decor that brought a contemporary mountain feel while working with the intention of showcasing the art.

A prime example of how to create an open, comfortable, fresh feeling with a smaller condo footprint.

A studio space is another way to showcase what guests are seeking, elevating a small space with a ski in/ski out advantage.

This three bedroom penthouse was the perfect before/after story. A fantastic location with amazing views, but entering felt like an old motel room. With this redesign you are seeing about a 75% change from that to what you would hope to find when you open the door to the mountains.

Another strong collaboration fueled by the owner's desire to completely reconceive this very large townhome as a true retreat. The bones of the townhome offered many options to present guests with design that would be welcoming and fun. Some of the original decor needed to be worked into the new concept and the goal was to make that mix feel seamless. 

This very large log cabin had been untouched for 20 years when the new owners decided to start from scratch with design. They had the need to offer sleeping for an extra large family and the spirit to really enjoy the process, experimenting with unique styles.

These owners brought wonderful, unique art from their travels abroad to this clean space. The idea behind the decor was to let the views and the art be the guide.

A perfect ski in/ski out location that needed to bring that location into the space. And a special affection for Moose!