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Downhill bike festival colorado

Crankworks Colorado

Crankworx is here at Winter Park Resort this week starting Thursday the 29th.  This is the premier downhill bike festival in the United States and if you have not had a chance to check it out, you are missing out.

Crankworx Winter Park Colorado

Check out the above link to get an idea of what the downhill course is like at Trestle Bike Park that the athletes will be riding.  We here at Winter Park Lodging Company had a chance last week to give Trestle Bike Park a ride and it is a rush and those that are professional in this sport are amazing athletes.

Here is the schedule of events for Crankworks Colorado 2010:

Thursday, July 29

Dual Slalom

Slopestyle Qualifiers

Friday, July 30

Super Downhill

Best Trick

Saturday, July 31

Cross Country

Slopestyle Finals

Sunday, August 1

UCI/PRO GRT Downhill

This is one of the coolest festivals of the year with a great feel, live music, great athletes and Trestle Bike Park is open so you can give the downhill bike a try and see what all the rage is about.

While the temperatures are hitting the high 90’s down in Denver and Boulder here in Winter Park we are in the 70’s and 80’s with nice cool night temps of 50 or so and surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Lots to do up here this time of year. If you have any appreciation of bicycles at all you do not want to miss Crankworx.  This is the bike festival of the year!

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