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The usual restaurant shuffle is going around Winter Park before the start of the ski season. Cooper Creek Square is at the center of the shuffling this year with a couple new going in one going out  and one in limbo.

Sushi Bar is moving into Cooper Creek taking up half the space of what is currently Star of India.  Star of India will stay with half the space they are currently operating.  Word on the street is the current local of the Sushi Bar will be a reincarnation of Papa-Osaca’s the one time Mex-Asian fusion.

Carvers will be leaving the low-ceiling, homey feeling local just behind Cooper Creek Square.  They are headed to the Kings Crossing Shopping Center that was the location of the Winter Park Azteca this past ski season.

Alberto’s is in limbo is what we are hearing.  Name sake Alberto Sapien had back surgery and recovery time may force a closure of Alberto’s this year.

In other Cooper Creek news Seven Sisters has closed and will be replaced by a high end consignment shop. Also, an organic candle and soap shop has opened where Versa wines once operated.

Lots of changes here in Winter Park for this ski season.

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