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70 years at Winter Park ResortAffordable Colorado Ski Resorts

With all the discounts that the ski resorts are offering this year I was looking to find what were the most affordable places to ski in Colorado.  I didn’t have to go far as there was a story from picked up by USA Today that lists their top ten affordable North American ski resorts.

Winter Park is on the list and this is what they had to say about our little slice of heaven here:

Winter Park, the closest major resort to Denver, described as catering to a “moderate demographic, no luxury properties,” with many lodging selections, some so close to the mountain that you can walk or take a shuttle.

I’m not so sure about not having luxury accommodations, see Base Camp on Jane Creek, Red Quill and the new Winter Park Village lofts, but they did get it right that you can get great lodging very close to the mountain steps away from the lifts.  Maybe they are getting the no luxury properties because the way Intrawest asks the owners of properties on their rental program not to update or improve the properties.

It is true Winter Park is an affordable ski resort.  It also is the oldest ski resort in Colorado celebrating it 70th year of operations.  Check out the cool 70th anniversary logo above.  The Winter Park ski train also will continue to run for it’s 70th year.  Winter Park Resort also receives the most snow of all Colorado destination resorts and is the #1 US ski resort for bumps and families.

So come on up and get a great deal at the best ski resort in Colorado!

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