Cheeky Monk's bar

Cheeky Monk's bar

Here’s your first glimpse at the newly opened Cheeky Monk in the Village at Winter Park.  We tried it out last week and loved it. 
Here were our favorite things about the look of the place:
– The cathedral ceilings make it feel huge- Great views of the Continental Divide
– Large outdoor porch overlooking the ice skating rink (heated floor!)
– Big chandeliers
Here are our favorite things about the food/drinks:
– Great list of beers (mention “Winter Park Lodging By Owner” and get a free Bruxelles draft – $5.25 value!) and they each come in their own glass (see photo below)
– Food is great. We had the fries (see photo below). Actually, we had 3 orders of fries they were so good. They are the salty skinny kind and come with a yummy white sauce for dipping (as well as ketchup). 
We also had muscles – I usually think they taste fishy but these were very good
Beers and Fries at Cheeky Monk

Beers and Fries at Cheeky Monk

They have their full menu now and we’ll have to hit it again for dinner to give more info on what’s good, but so far, we found nothing we didn’t like.
Oh, and the owners personally came out and met us as did the manager. Energetic,  friendly folks. 
And, they answered my question…there is NO skiing in Belgium so we can’t really say it looks like a “Belgium ski lodge” but if there were, this is what it would look like.

March 10th, 2009

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